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About Benjamin

London, UK

+3 year(s) experience

Drug Analyst Ben Graham tracks drug development and competitive intelligence on infectious diseases, genitourinary diseases and vaccines.
Ben ensures the latest insights on infectious diseases, genitourinary diseases and vaccines are fed into the Pharmaprojects drug development and competitive intelligence database.

He also provides analytical support and drug pipeline insights to clients, producing bespoke research for top pharma and CRO companies as well as governmental regulatory bodies.

With an academic background in microbiology and virology, he also has experience working in Patent & IP law in both regulatory and private sector roles.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Benjamin

  • Clinical and Research Excellence

    The future is now? Technology and clinical trials

    By Benjamin Graham 23 Mar 2017

    With remote-only clinical trials now a reality [2] despite the inherent difficulties posed by the format, the digitisation of Pharma is closer than ever. Many categories exist into which software and devices can be divided to and differentiate them by the availability/ubiquity and intrusiveness to the patient.

    Topic Clinical trials