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About Astrid

Oregon, USA

+3 year(s) experience

Astrid Kurniawan - Pharmaintelligence
Astrid provides analysis on key drivers for pricing and reimbursement decisions in the US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Her work enables our clients to get payers’ perspectives and to address market access barriers.

As an Analyst, she combines secondary research with interviews from payers and payer-advising key opinion leaders to give her perspective on the commercial and clinical attractiveness of current and pipeline products.

She has produced pricing and reimbursement reports on asthma, COPD, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis, and also covers other indications in immunology and inflammation, respiratory system, and multiple sclerosis.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Astrid

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Gilead to tread gently with Sovaldi’s pricing in China

    By Astrid Kurniawan 25 Aug 2015

    Gilead is negotiating Sovaldi’s (sofosbuvir) pricing with the Chinese government. This is a necessary step to ensure the company captures China’s large hepatitis C population, following its decision to exclude the country from its drug access program, and to also avoid the potential negative repercussions in other emerging markets should China resort to compulsory licensing.

    Topic Drug approval