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About Daniel

13+ years of experience

Daniel Chancellor - Pharmaintelligence
Director Daniel Chancellor develops and leads Pharma Intelligence’s thought leadership program, producing materials that help clients across a range of hot topics in the biopharma industry.


Daniel has a decade of experience as an analyst in the biopharma industry, spanning roles in drug discovery, market analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategic consulting. He covers topics such as COVID-19, immuno-oncology, tumour-agnostic drug development, artificial intelligence, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and regularly participates in webinars, conferences, and other speaking arrangements.

Daniel is featured across leading publications such as Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Fortune, Scientific American, Scrip, In Vivo and Vice. 

Prior to joining Pharma Intelligence, Daniel worked as a medicinal chemist at the U.K. biotech company Summit Therapeutics and graduated with First Class Honours in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath.

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