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About Amanda


+34 year(s) experience

Amanda Maxwell
Amanda Maxwell's main remit covers EU medtech rules, with a particular focus on medical device directives, as well as the future Medical Device and IVD Regulations, and the future medtech regulatory framework in the UK. As Medtech Insight's medtech regulatory affairs editor, it is her responsibility to uncover what implications the latest developments have for the sector.

With a career dating back more than 30 years, Amanda has built up a network of contacts among regulators, lawyers, consultants and EU institutions.

She has followed the EU’s medical device rules since their inception in 1990, and worked as a consultant training companies in these regulations before joining Medtech Insight (previously Clinica Medtech Intelligence.)

Alongside her reporting duties, Amanda moderates high-profile meetings in the EU and US on areas such as the future global regulation of combination drug/devices.

Amanda also counts medtech reimbursement and French healthcare politics among her specialisms.



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