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About Cathy

Washington DC, USA

42+ years of experience

Cathy Kelly  Pharma Intelligence
A part of the regulatory and policy team for Pharma Intelligence group, Cathy is widely recognized for expertise on prescription drug reimbursement/market access and pricing issues. She regularly contributes to Pink Sheet and Scrip. Her focus is on developments in the US commercial and government insurance sectors as they shift toward a system of payment based on value.
Cathy has covered prescription drug reimbursement issues for more than 12 years, starting with the implementation of the Medicare Part D program. She has written extensively about developments in all the major US insurance sectors -- Medicare (Parts D and B), Medicaid and the employer-sponsored market. She has closely followed the increasing influence of pharmacy benefit managers and their use of formulary negotiations and rebates to control pricing. Cathy also has covered the implementation of frameworks for assessing drug value by medical professional organizations and the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review and is watching with interest as the government develops new policies aimed at lowering drug pricing.

For more than three decades, she has worked as a health care reporter and editor while raising three daughters. Cathy lives in Bethesda, MD with her husband Sean.

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