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About Deanna


+18 year(s) experience

Deanna Kamienski
As a Senior Deals Analyst for Strategic Transactions, Deanna Kamienski researches, analyzes and writes about alliance, M&A and financing activity for companies across the globe within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics industries. She covers deals across all therapeutic areas, with a focus on cardio, GI, infectious, metabolic, musculoskeletal, ophthalmic and respiratory diseases.
This intelligence helps clients monitor competition, find partners, value drug candidates, get informed deal structuring information and access fundraising activities.

Deanna’s work has helped bring Strategic Transactions to where it is today – a best-in-class source of deal intelligence with more than 40,000 deals and 17,000 companies.

Prior to joining Informa, Deanna worked as a research analyst at Windhover and later as senior deals analyst at Elsevier.

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