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About Julia


+21 year(s) experience

Julia Schneider
As manager of all primary market research for the Datamonitor Healthcare Research and Analysis team, Julia’s main remit is managing outsourced and in-house physician primary research.

She ensures consistency of approach, application of appropriate methodologies, a commitment to best practice, and the collection of high-quality data.

One of her achievements at Datamonitor Healthcare has been to move all quantitative primary research to online studies. She has also increased the number of quantitative studies conducted each year. 

Supported by a team of researchers, she manages multiple large-scale international, quantitative studies, covering around 30 indications per year, as well as key opinion leader research and payer research.

Julia joined Datamonitor Healthcare in 2003 from Isis Research. She has a PhD in Pharmacy Practice from the University of London and a degree in Pharmacy from Manchester University.