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6+ years of experience

Stephanie Yip
Analyst Stephanie Yip provides in-depth insights focusing on CNS and rare disease markets. She liaises with key opinion leaders, analyzes treatment landscapes and tracks market moving events to build robust forecasts.

Since joining Datamonitor Healthcare’s CNS and Rare Diseases team in 2017, Stephanie has produced content on epilepsy, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. She will further expand her coverage to include pulmonary hypertension, migraine and multiple sclerosis.

Prior to Informa, Stephanie gained experience as an editorial assistant in scientific publishing. She graduated from Imperial College London with a Biomedical Science degree.

As an analyst, Stephanie’s greatest achievement has been contextualizing key events through her understanding of market dynamics and integrating this knowledge into forecasts for a variety of diseases.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Stephanie

  • Scrip, Datamonitor Healthcare

    Top 10 Best-Selling Drugs of 2019

    By Stephanie Yip 23 Oct 2020

    Top 10 Best-Selling Drugs of 2019

    In 2019, the 10 most lucrative medicines generated combined global sales of $92.5B. Scrip provides insight into these top sellers and the companies behind them, as well US dynamics, global sales forecasts and lifecycle data, with complementary market analysis from Datamonitor Healthcare on diseases targeted, indications, and more.

    Topic Drug Review Diseases

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Epidiolex and Epilepsy - big changes for medical marijuana

    By Stephanie Yip 27 Aug 2018

    Epidiolex and Epilepsy - big changes for medical marijuana

    With the FDA’s landmark approval of Epidiolex, a cannabidiol used to treat rare, severe pediatric epilepsies, the only obstacle to the legal sale of the drug is DEA reclassification of cannabidiol (CBD). With reclassification likely in the next 90 days, what does it mean for the epilepsy market, as well as the wider market for CBD?

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