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About Amanda

Connecticut, USA

23+ years of experience

Amanda Micklus_Pharma_Intelligence

As a Senior Pharma Consultant for Pharma Custom Intelligence, Amanda Micklus works with pharma and biotech clients on disease landscaping and market opportunity assessments involving both primary and secondary market research.

Amanda has experience in searching and mining Pharma Intelligence's portfolio of pharma intelligence solutions for valuable insights and regularly contributes content across multiple products including In Vivo, Scrip, and The Pink Sheet.

With a focus on research and analysis of corporate strategy and deal-making, Amanda provides analysis of market-moving events that influence business development at leading companies.

Her areas of expertise include big pharma licensing and immune-oncology deal-making, R&D strategies, and pharma diversification.

Prior to joining the Custom Intelligence team, Amanda was a Principal Analyst with Datamonitor Healthcare, and a Deals Analyst and Research Manager with Pharma’s biopharma and medtech deals database (now part of Biomedtracker).

Before joining Pharma Intelligence in 2005, Amanda worked as a market research analyst at specialty pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma and had a previous role as a medical librarian/information searcher.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry-Business from the University of Scranton, and a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from Long Island University.

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