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About Dominique

Chicago, USA

10+ years of experience

Dominique Fontanilla
As a Senior Director, CNS I&I, Dominique Fontanilla produces in-depth content on several diseases within oncology. This gives clients up-to- date insights into marketed and pipeline drugs, treatment trends, and prescribing patterns.

She also produces patient-based forecasts giving clients a closer look at market dynamics.


Dominique joined Pharma Intelligence in 2014 having been a biochemistry postdoctoral fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

She has focused on oncology, producing analysis and opinion pieces across indications including head and neck cancer, colorectal cancer, chronic leukemia, breast cancer, and renal cell cancer. One of the highlights of her role is following the development of novel therapies, and relaying important information to clients.


She has a BA in Chemistry from Carleton College and a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Dominique

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Acute Myeloid Leukemia Market Outlook Seminar

    By Dominique Fontanilla 14 Nov 2022

    There has been little change to standard treatment for AML in recent years; however, 2017 saw a flurry of new targeted drug approvals, sparking significant market growth. Patient age remains the biggest factor in driving treatment decisions for AML. Cases of AML are expected to increase, and prognosis remains poor – especially among older adults. Drug developers are targeting patient segments with high unmet clinical need to gain access to the AML market and the budget impact of AML is expected to grow considerably.

    Topic Cancer

  • Biomedtracker

    Q4 Outlook Webinar - Key Catalysts and their Impact on Pharma Markets

    By Dominique Fontanilla 13 Nov 2018

    Understand important upcoming milestones that will impact the likelihood of drug approval or future sales potential for key therapies during a free webinar from Pharma Intelligence, "Q4 Outlook Webinar - Key Catalysts and their Impact on Pharma Markets".

    Topic Drug Development Landscape

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    By Dominique Fontanilla 15 Feb 2017

    While Rituxan-based therapies remain dominant in the first-line treatment setting for early- and late-stage chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), the majority of patients with relapsed or refractory disease receive Imbruvica. 

    Topic Research Wire

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    ADA 2014 Conference Review

    By Dominique Fontanilla 23 Jun 2014

    ADA 2014 Conference Review

    Datamonitor Healthcare identifies and discusses key highlights from the American Diabetes Association 74th annual Scientific Sessions (ADA 2014) that took place between 13 June and 17 June 2014 in San Francisco, California.