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About Gail

+22 year(s) experience

Gail Parziale manages, develops and strategically plans editorial operations for our content teams. She has broad responsibility for our key products including Biomedtracker, Chinatrove, Meddevicetracker, Medtrack, Trialtrove and Pharmaprojects.

Gail enjoys working on projects that help bring life-saving medicines to market faster. Before her current role in operations and knowledge process outsourcing, she worked as a Senior Analyst and Director in the Cardiovascular and Metabolic team. She later moved on to become responsible for the team’s editorial process.


Before joining Citeline in 2004, Gail managed a portfolio of business intelligence reports that focused on various therapy markets and emerging technologies. She was responsible for selecting report topics, conducting extensive market research, analyzing clinical trial data, and writing final report content.