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About Ian


+32 year(s) experience

Ian Lloyd |Pharma Intelligence|
Ian Lloyd is the Senior Director of Pharmaprojects and Data Integration, overseeing the content and analyst services for our drug development solution. He supports clients in their drug pipeline data requirements and drug pipeline inquiries, providing insight into the best search strategies to answer their drug research and development business questions.

His expertise includes identifying and analyzing trends in pharma R&D. For over 20 years, he has authored the “Pharma Annual R&D review” and its new active substances (NAS) launches supplement. This has become a must-have industry report for those seeking to identify the changing fortunes of drug R&D.

Ian joined Pharmaprojects in 1987, when it was part of PJB Publications. It was acquired by Informa in 2003.

He previously worked in molecular biology as a research assistant at the University of Bristol.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Ian

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharma RD Review Webinar

    By Ian Lloyd 24 May 2018

    Keep in tune with the current landscape for pharma R&D with a free, information-packed webinar recording from Informa Pharma Intelligence. In the Global Pharma R&D Review webinar, our experts hit all the right notes as they used a music theme to explore key issues affecting R&D today, and offer a glimpse of what the rest of 2018 may look like.

  • Pharmaprojects, Citeline

    Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018

    By Ian Lloyd 15 May 2018

    Authored for the last 25 years by Ian Lloyd, Senior Director of Pharmaprojects and Data Integration, this vital resource uses a music motif to turn up the volume on the evolution of trends in pharmaceutical R&D. Lloyd assesses industry trends by examining the pipeline by company, therapeutic area, disease, target, and drug type.

    Topic Research

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharmaprojects 2018 Pharma R&D Infographic

    By Ian Lloyd 11 Apr 2018

    Will the Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018 from Citeline’s Pharmaprojects be music to your ears, or will it sound a sour note? Find out with the Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018 infographic, now available to you as a free download.

    Topic Drug development landscape

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018 Supplement

    By Ian Lloyd 10 Apr 2018

    You’ve already tuned into Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018, the free, music-themed whitepaper from Citeline’s Pharmaprojects. Now, get even more free market data and insights with your download of Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018 Supplement: New Active Substances Launched During 2017.

    Topic Drug development landscape

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharma R&D Annual Review 2017

    By Ian Lloyd 22 Mar 2017

    Thank you for your interest in the latest report from Pharmaprojects, Pharma R&D Annual Review 2017.

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharma R&D By Numbers

    By Ian Lloyd 22 Mar 2017

    Welcome to Pharmaprojects' 2017 review of trends in pharmaceutical R&D.

    Topic Drug review Deal trends Company analysis

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharma Research and Development Annual Review 2016 Supplement

    By Ian Lloyd 03 May 2016

    Our survey focuses exclusively on new active substances (NASs): new chemical or biological entities where the active ingredient had received no prior approval for human use. As such, this list represents a subset of all the first launches which Citeline reported during 2015, excluding the 68 new drug launches with reformulated or non-NAS moieties, or biosimilars.

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharmaprojects Pharma RD Annual Review 2016

    By Ian Lloyd 01 Feb 2016

    For around a quarter of a century now, I've been taking an annual look at the continuing drama which is pharma R&D. Over the past 25 years, we've seen many a twist iand turn in the plot of this particular franchise, and here, we'll look at developments in a year which has seen some new players make the bit time, while others hit skid row after one too many negative (clinical) reviews. We'll see in which companies and diseases we are seeing The Force Awaken, and which are turning out to be merely a Phantom Menace. And we'll industry the types of drugs which are the rising starts and those which are garnering top billing.

    Topic Drug development landscape Drug review

  • Pharmaprojects

    Citeline Pharma R&D Annual Review 2015

    By Ian Lloyd 02 Feb 2015

    As usual, we start with the keenly-anticipated headline figure, Citeline’s annual count of the total number of drugs in the development pipeline. This year, the news is again stellar: 

    Topic Clinical trial optimization