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About Ian


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Ian Schofield
Ian Schofield writes on a range of issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on EU and global regulatory, political and scientific affairs.

Having graduated in modern languages at the University of Bath in 1979, he worked in the European travel industry before joining Scrip World Pharmaceutical News as a reporter in 1985, covering the French and Italian markets. He later became Deputy Editor with responsibility for EU regulatory affairs, a post he held until 2005 when he took on the role of Consultant Editor to a number of Informa publications including Scrip and the Regulatory Affairs Journal.

In July 2008 Ian became a Principal Analyst for Informa Business Information, covering global regulatory and legal issues in areas such as clinical trials, biosimilars, orphan drugs, and pricing and reimbursement. As well as writing news, features and analysis for Scrip Intelligence, Scrip Regulatory Affairs, the Pink Sheet and In Vivo, Ian is part of the Ask the Analyst team that produces on-demand tailored reports for subscribers.

Analyst Articles

Articles by Ian

  • Pink Sheet

    Malta Bids For EMA, Citing Quality Of Life, Healthcare, And Small Pharma Industry

    By Ian Schofield 24 Mar 2017

    Malta has joined the ever-growing number of countries wanting to host the European Medicines Agency when it relocates from the UK post-Brexit. The European Commission has said new “technical issues” have been raised that will need to be addressed, and industry bodies have outlined the criteria they say need to be met by the future host country.

    Topic Brexit

  • Pink Sheet

    EMA’s Post-Brexit Home ‘Could Be Decided This Year’

    By Ian Schofield 01 Mar 2017

    The leader of Denmark’s bid to host the European Medicines Agency after the UK leaves the EU says that a rapid decision-making process on the agency’s new location is needed in order to avoid entanglements with the wider Brexit negotiations, and that a decision could be taken sometime in the second half of this year.

    Topic Brexit

  • Pink Sheet

    Post-Brexit UK Could Be ‘Back Of The Queue’ For Drug Access, Warns MHRA Chair

    By Ian Schofield 10 Jan 2017

    Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, chair of the MHRA, has told a UK committee of his concerns over Brexit, including possible delays in access to new drugs, a decline in revenues for regulatory work on behalf of the EU, and the possibility that some firms’ HQs might follow the European Medicines Agency if it relocates to another European country.

    Topic Brexit Drug review