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About Niharika


12+ years of experience

Niharika Dandamudi Pharma Intelligence
Senior Epidemiologist Niharika Dandamudi conducts epidemiological forecasting for Datamonitor Healthcare. She also supports clients through Ask the Analyst and project manages teammates through the entire process of producing epidemiology analysis.
Areas Niharika covers include infectious diseases, oncology, respiratory, CNS, INI, CV and Met.

For her epidemiology work, she performs primary research analysis, secondary research, biostatistics and
more. When producing content, she handles the entire process from identifying quality sources, creating a pre-
model, forecasting, preparing data packs, and report writing.

Before joining Pharma Intelligence in 2015, Niharika worked for 2 years at GlobalData. She also has 2 years of experience
as a field researcher with developmental organizations (NGOs) aiming to improve health.

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