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Gene therapy: it has been heralded as a miracle cure for everything from cancer to rare diseases, but it suffered serious setbacks with high clinical mortalities in the late 1990’s. Despite this, gene therapy continues to evolve, and the number of gene therapies in active development is at an all-time high.

With Datamonitor Healthcare’s exclusive Trends in Gene Therapy report, you’ll discover:

  • Current and historical trends in the number of compounds in active development
  • Discussion of the types of gene therapies being developed and how they work
  • Overview of the historical difficulties and dramatic failures during past gene therapy clinical trials, including those for SCID and Mydicar
  • Investigation of more recent gene therapy drug launches, like Imlygic, Rexin-G, Glybera and Neovasculgen
  • Analysis of the industry players in gene therapy, including examination of non-cancer Phase II and Phase III candidates, and exploration of anti-cancer therapies in Phase II and beyond

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