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Discover new opportunities, reduce risks and make better decisions, faster. Save valuable time in assessing opportunities and risks with a tool that is fully customized to your needs.

A custom solution for forecasting and scenario planning. This user-friendly and collaborative forecasting and business simulation tool gives a secure, real-time source of data and analysis.


  • Evaluate strategic product launch options
  • Prioritize growth initiatives
  • Identify incremental revenue potential
  • Benchmark performance
  • Track how external events impact product performance


Pharma Intelligence Consulting’s interactive strategic forecasting solution helps global healthcare organizations like yours:


  1. Make more informed investment decisions,
  2. Build confidence to implement new strategies more effectively
  3. Streamline business processes to align the organization more efficiently


 PharmaPredict Simulator can use a wide range of inputs to generate both patient and demand-based projections of market evolution and specific product performance.


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