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Levers impacting access to prostate cancer treatment are very different in the US to the EU and the UK.

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Payer archetypes and trends in access

  • Least restrictive:US
  • Relatively unrestricted: France and Germany
  • Restrictive: Italian and Spanish regions
  • Most restrictive: UK

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) applies arguably the most stringent cost-effectiveness analyses of any European nation

Levers impacting access to prostate cancer drugs in the US:

  • Insurers’ prior authorization criteria
  • Formulary tiering and patient co-pays
  • Oncology pathways

Levers impacting access to prostate cancer drugs in the five major EU markets:

  • National reimbursement decisions
  • Regional or local access criteria
  • Off-label prescribing controls
  • Budget limits
  • Risk-sharing agreements

Why Zytiga favored over Xtandi on Anthem’s oncology pathway

What Medicare’s shift to value-based payment means

The rebates and risk-sharing agreements that will be valuable in non-metastatic CRPC

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