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HBW Insightでは一般用医薬品(OTC)、ビタミンなどのサプリメント(栄養補助食品)、化粧品の3分野を主にカバーして、世界のコンシューマーヘルスケア産業のニュースをお伝えします。







  • 企業の合併&買収
  • 新製品発表&上市
  • 広告戦略
  • レギュレーションの変更&施行
  • スイッチOTC医薬品
  • 小売業の発展



  • 規制およびコンプライアンス
  • 法規制の動向
  • 安全性の課題



  • 増加傾向にある栄養補助食品
  • 規制上および法律上の落とし穴
  • 競合製品の開発状況
  • マーケティング戦略
  • 広告の取り扱いに関する課題
  • 新成分に関する表示



  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Patient-Reported Data In COVID-Impacted Trials: US FDA Cautions Against Missing Data, Potential Bias

    How To Use Digital Technology For EU Drug Approvals

    Considerations for switching from in-person to remote collection of patient- and observer-reported outcomes addressed in latest update to Q&A guidance, which also discusses Part 11 compliance requirements in the context of the pandemic and electronic collection of informed consent through MyStudies app.

    Topic Coronavirus clinical-trials

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    UK Uses Local Outbreak Data To Target Coronavirus Vaccine Trials


    The UK Vaccine Taskforce is helping to troubleshoot for COVID-19 candidates including in clinical trials and manufacturing scale-up.

    Topic Coronavirus clinical-trials vaccines

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Europe’s Ad Hoc Pandemic Response Highlights Supply Chain Weaknesses

    Panelists at a recent virtual session of the DIA’s Europe 2020 conference identified the positive and negative aspects of Europe’s response to the pandemic, and suggested ways of avoiding shortages and making the supply chain more resilient in the event of future crises.

    Topic Coronavirus Distribution EU

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    New Leader & Reorgs at Key Regulatory Agencies

    Pink Sheet invites you to go inside the recent personnel changes at key regulatory agencies around the globe – including US FDA, EMA, and England’s NICE – and how these new appointments will likely influence future regulation of the biopharma industry.

    Topic Regulation

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    What The Pandemic Can Teach Us About Running Clinical Trials

    Participants in a recent webinar looked at how the coronavirus is changing the way we look at clinical trials and whether new EU COVID-19 guidance might hold lessons for future approaches to study design.

    Topic Coronavirus

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    For COVID, Consensus On Value Of Platform Trials, But A Confusion Of Consortia

    The coronavirus pandemic could be a turning point for master protocol and platform trial designs, but clear guidance and coordination are still needed.

    Topic Coronavirus

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Life After Woodcock: US FDA Drug Center’s Leadership Transition

    The elevation of the US FDA’s top drug regulator, Janet Woodcock, to oversee COVID-19 response efforts is being framed a temporary step as part of the crisis response. But it is also a try-out for the most significant leadership transition in drug regulation in the US in a generation.

    Topic Coronavirus

  • Scrip: 世界の医療用医薬品&製薬産業に関するニュース, Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニ...

    Drug Pricing Update: Strategies and Trends

    For vital coverage of critical issues in drug pricing worldwide, top organizations turn to expert insights from Scrip. Download your free Drug Pricing article pack to examine the current trends, strategies, and policies impacting businesses like yours. 

    Topic Drug Pricing

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース, Scrip: 世界の医療用医薬品&製薬産業に関するニ...

    Top 5 Drug Pricing Insights and Policies

    For vital coverage of critical issues in drug pricing worldwide, top organizations turn to expert insights from Pink Sheet. Download your free Drug Pricing article pack to examine the current trends, strategies, and policies impacting businesses like yours.

    Topic Drug Pricing

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    COVID-19 Staff Shakeup: Woodcock Moves to Commissioner's Office As Marks Drops Out Of 'Warp'

    CBER Director Marks will no longer have to recuse himself from COVID-19 product reviews, a move seen as resoundingly positive by former senior FDA leaders. CDER Director Woodcock will now be free to focus solely on COVID-19 and bring her unique depth of agency experience to the Trump Administration's effort to speed development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics for coronavirus.

    Topic Coronavirus

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Pink Sheet European Regional Coverage

    Pink Sheet European Regional Coverage

    Gain insights into new European regulatory events and developments with expert coverage from Pink Sheet. You’ll discover vital news and insight regarding Brexit, approvals for novel therapies, drug safety related updates, and more from our worldwide and on-the-ground team of expert journalists and analysts.

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    European Performance Tracker

    European Performance Tracker

    Explore European coverage with informative articles covering recent regulatory and policy developments in the region.  We now invite you to go even deeper, with regulatory market intelligence from Pink Sheet’s European Performance Tracker.

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    EU Rips Up Competition Rulebook To Allow Collaboration On Coronavirus

    A temporary framework has been adopted by the European Commission that will allow companies and associations to co-ordinate efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic without raising competition concerns. The move has been welcomed by the European off-patent industry.

    Topic Coronavirus

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Vaccine Experts Inject Realism Into US Gov't's COVID-19 Timeline

    The Trump administration says a COVID-19 vaccine could be available in as little as 12 months, but most experts think that is overpromising unless safety or efficacy standards are sacrificed. Many are urging pivotal studies that look at clinical outcomes, not surrogates, for US FDA approval. 

    Topic Coronavirus

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    EMA Issues Guidance On Compassionate Use Of Remdesivir For COVID-19

    Recommendations from the European Medicines Agency explain the conditions under which early access to remdesivir could be given through compassionate use programs.  

    Topic Coronavirus



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