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Acute Myeloid Leukemia Market Outlook Seminar

14 Nov 2022

There has been little change to standard treatment for AML in recent years; however, 2017 saw a flurry of new targeted drug approvals, sparking significant market growth. Patient age remains the biggest factor in driving treatment decisions for AML. Cases of AML are expected to increase, and prognosis remains poor – especially among older adults. Drug developers are targeting patient segments with high unmet clinical need to gain access to the AML market and the budget impact of AML is expected to grow considerably.

Topic Cancer

TrialScope Disclose: The most widely used pla...

Disclosure & transparency experts discuss the ins and outs of CTIS

31 Mar 2022

Pharma Intelligence4

Disclosure & transparency experts from Sarepta, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer and Merck KGaA discuss the ins and outs of CTIS.

Topic Regulation

TrialScope Disclose: The most widely used pla...

Clinical trial disclosure experts provide an overview of EU CTR/CTIS regulations and timelines for compliance

31 Mar 2022

Pharma Intelligence

Clinical trial disclosure experts Francine Lane and Thomas Wicks provide an overview of EU CTR/CTIS regulations and timelines for compliance.

Topic Market Intelligence

Create award winning campaigns with Pharma Intelligence

11 Aug 2021

Create award winning campaigns with Pharma Intelligence

You need your marketing to generate better results and position your organization above the rest. You need a 3rd party who are experts in both marketing and the pharma industry and above all an organization you can trust to deliver you marketing activities. From identifying the right audiences, creating content, to executing multi-channel campaigns with engaging messaging, Pharma Intelligence can offer end to end marketing support where you need it most. Over 3,000 subscribing organizations rely on our drug, device, company, clinical trial, and market intelligence across the biopharma, medtech, generics and consumer healthcare industries, including over 80 of the top pharma, 20 of the top medtech and 35 of the top generics organizations. This video focuses on how Pharma Intelligence can help organizations raise awareness, generate leads and product thought leadership materials.

Topic Market Intelligence

Citeline Engage: Supporting clinical trial pl...

Patient reacts to a Citeline Engage Trial Transparency Website

16 Apr 2021

Trial Transparency

Watch our short video to understand the impact and value of Citeline Engage Trial Transparency Website

Topic Clinical Trials

Citeline Engage: Gather Video

26 Mar 2021

Citeline Engage Gather

Virtually gather healthcare professionals to collaborate on your critical business topics

Topic Clinical Trials Clinical Trial Optimization