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What is Citeline?

Clinical R and D

Citeline is the industry’s most comprehensive, reliable and current global R&D intelligence suite of solutions. Built by experts, made for experts, Citeline solutions transform data into knowledge. And now our new, next generation platform delivers unparalleled access to Citeline’s robust clinical trial intelligence. With greater ease, speed and efficiency than ever before, Citeline’s next generation platform will help you gain critical insights into the global clinical trial landscape and realize greater cost-savings as you develop on your clinical trial programs.

What Citeline does: 

Citeline organizes vast quantities of data with human intelligence to greatly reduce research time, clinical trial costs and optimize trial outcomes. It features an unmatched collection of critical information on global clinical trials, investigators and sites, and drug development pipelines all with direct expert analyst support. Stay updated on what your competitors are doing with full public domain coverage of over 40,000 sources, continuous updating and full record reviews, advanced indexing and proprietary content.

Gain key insights that can be turned into actionable results with unparalleled access to 265,000+ clinical trials, 400,000 investigators, 68,000+ drugs, 117,000+ sites, 235+ diseases in 8 major therapeutic areas across 166 countries. And our 250+ therapeutic area experts and analysts are dedicated to provide the support needed so that you’re getting the most appropriate data to meet your requirements.

Citeline solutions:


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Related products


Sitetrove: 治験責任医師と治験施設情報のデータベース

Sitetrove(サイトトローブ)は、170か国・40万人以上の治験責任医師(PI: Principal Investigator)と235以上の疾患に対応する11万7千か所以上の治験施設に関する情報を収録するデータベースです。治験責任医師と治験施設に関して業界で最も正確で包括的な情報を提供することで、コスト増につながる治験の遅延を最小化し、お客様の臨床試験を成功に導くようサポートします。Sitetroveに登録される治験責任医師は、豊富な臨床経験や治験に関する十分な知識をもっていることをアナリストにより精査されています。

Key benefits:

  • 治験責任医師と治験施設情報のデータベース
  • 疫学ダッシュボードは見やすいマップビュー
  • Ask-the-Analyst機能で情報に基づく意思決定
trial-trove-pharma intelligence

Trialtrove: 医療用医薬品の臨床試験情報データベース


Key benefits:

  • 専門家による情報精査
  • 世界中の臨床試験情報を網羅
  • 標準治療に関する情報
pharma intelligence pharma banner

Pharmaprojects: 医薬品開発パイプラインのデータベース


Key benefits:

  • 医療用医薬品の研究・開発パイプライン情報
  • 35年間にわたる過去のヒストリカルデータも
  • Ask-the-Analyst機能で情報に基づく意思決定
Citeline analytics

Citeline Analytics

Citeline’s Custom Analytics service provides expert analytical and project-orientated support for your strategic business questions.

Key benefits:

  • Actionable intelligence
  • Expert Analysis
  • Tailored solutions


  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    A Visual Guide To US FDA's Evolutionary Decade In Review

    16 Jan 2020

    An interactive timeline shows the news of the past decade and the evolution of US FDA policies. Click on each year for a full list of events and see the accompanying article.

    Topic fda policy-and-regulation

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    EU 2019 Approvals: Novel Therapies Make Strong Showing

    15 Jan 2020

    Bluebird bio’s gene therapy Zynteglo, Akcea’s antisense drug Waylivra and BioMarin’s enzyme substitution therapy Palynziq were among the novel innovative medicines that were approved in Europe in 2019. 

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Sharfstein: US FDA Incentives Not Broke, But Fix Them

    15 Jan 2020

    The former US FDA principal deputy commissioner argues that accelerated approval, fast track and breakthrough designation standards may need updating, along with orphan and pediatric exclusivity requirements, to enhance the programs' efficacy.

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    US FDA Postmarketing Drug Safety Modernization Plan Will Cut Across Review Disciplines

    By Sue Sutter 08 Jan 2020

    Detection of nitrosamine impurities in some marketed drugs highlights need for standardized, consistent approach to systematically monitor risks of drugs throughout their lifecycles, CDER’s Janet Woodcock says. Safety monitoring overhaul is lagging behind new drug review modernization effort, but implementation is expected to begin in 2020.

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    US FDA Approval Of Lynparza For Pancreatic Cancer Opens Door For PFS Endpoint In Disease

    08 Jan 2020


    AstraZeneca's PARP inhibitor Lynparza becomes first US FDA-approved drug for pancreatic cancer based on progression-free survival endpoint, providing regulatory precedent for other sponsors to use that development approach; all other pancreatic cancer drugs had been approved based on an overall survival benefit.

    Topic cancer clinical-trials

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Mylan/Biocon's Insulin Glargine Would Get A Respite Under US Budget Legislation

    By Cathy Kelly 18 Dec 2019

    Bill addresses ‘dead zone’ for pending applications for protein products transitioning to biologic status; generic and brand industries each win in different legislative provisions: inclusion of the CREATES Act, and a revised definition for ‘biologics’ that includes chemically synthesized polypeptides.

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Rising's Generic Price Fixing Settlement Follows Bankruptcy, Cooperation With DOJ

    06 Dec 2019

    Rising Pharmaceuticals agrees to pay $3.1m, admits to conspiring to fix prices for hypertension drug, and enters into deferred prosecution agreement. Pfizer asks court to be removed from complaint by state AGs.

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Former FDA Commissioner Frank Young Passes Away At 88

    By Michael Cipriano 28 Nov 2019

    From the approval of AZT to the generic drug scandal, Frank Young oversaw many seminal events at US FDA while commissioner from 1984 to 1989. After leaving the agency, he managed the approval of the NDA for Braeburn's opioid dependence drug Probuphine. Young passed away following a short bout with cancer.

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    How Sustainable Is England's Cancer Drugs Fund?

    By Francesca Bruce 20 Nov 2019

    The Cancer Drugs Fund has improved access to oncology drugs, but if it is to remain fit for purpose it will need to evolve.

    Topic cancer

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Zolgensma Data Integrity Fallout

    20 Nov 2019

    Zolgensma Data Integrity Fallout

    Novartis finds itself facing possible criminal or civil action for admitted data manipulation on its application for Zolgensma, a gene therapy used to treat children with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) – manipulation disclosed only after FDA approval. Pink Sheet was the first to report on the drug’s loss of EU accelerated assessment, nearly 3 weeks before the pharma giant admitted to submitting falsified data to FDA. Follow the scandal and anticipate its implications on the industry with Pink Sheet’s coverage and timeline.

    Topic cell-and-gene-therapy fda

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Amarin's Vascepa: US FDA Panel To Scrutinize Breadth Of CV Risk Reduction

    13 Nov 2019

    REDUCE-IT enrolled a higher risk group than the broad population targeted by Amarin’s proposed indication statement, agency says; although reviewers conclude an interaction between the mineral oil placebo and statins cannot be excluded, any impact would have been small and unlikely to change overall treatment effect.

    Topic drug-review fda

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    HIV PrEP Patent Dispute Escalates As HHS Files Suit Against Gilead

    By Mandy Jackson 08 Nov 2019

    Trump administration wants the HIV drug maker to license HHS patents related to pre-exposure prophylaxis. Lawsuit follows Gilead’s request in August for the USPTO’s PTAB to conduct an inter partes review of the four-year-old patents.

    Topic infectious-diseases

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Webinar: FDA and its Commissioners

    By nielsen-hobbs 05 Nov 2019

    The US FDA has experienced an extended period with an acting commissioner. However, the agency continues to achieve its user fee dates, and hardly appears rudderless. Still, having a confirmed commissioner will give FDA more stability and power. But with application review looking to become more efficient and flexible, what could a new commissioner do to change the relationship between industry and FDA?

    Topic fda

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Twirla Gets Strong Advisory Cmte. Endorsement Even After USA FDA Pans Application

    05 Nov 2019

    The Bone, Reproductive and Urologic Drugs Advisory Committee voted 14-1, with one abstention, in favor of approving Agile's transdermal contraceptive patch Twirla in a sharp divergence from the US FDA's negative evaluation of the drug, though it remains an open question of how the agency will ultimately come down.

    Topic drug-review fda

  • Pink Sheet: 世界の薬事規制と承認審査に関するニュース

    Pink Sheet Sample Article Pack: The Hottest Topics in Pharma Regulatory Compliance

    16 Oct 2019

    Pink Sheet Sample Article Pack: The Hottest Topics in Pharma Regulatory Compliance

    When you look at newly approved drugs, the latest product reviews and the decisions made during the process, you can gain critical insights to inform your own strategic decisions. That’s what Pink Sheet delivers, and now you can try it for free.

    Topic Drug approval Drug development landscape



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Boston, USA

Susan Danheiser

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