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Datamonitor Healthcare

Datamonitor Healthcare(データモニターヘルスケア)では、欧米に拠点を置くインフォーマのアナリストによる医療用医薬品の市場調査レポートを収録しています。各市場調査レポートは米国、欧州5か国(イギリス、フランス、ドイツ、イタリア、スペイン)、日本の計7つの医薬品市場を中心に、各疾患市場について下記の項目を網羅しています。疫学情報、治療実態、売上予測に関してはエクセルファイルでデータパックのダウンロードも可能です。

  • 薬剤の売上予測(患者数ベース)
  • 各市場の疾患別治療実態
  • 疫学情報(アナリストとは異なる専門の疫学者(エピデミオロジスト(チームが担当。米国、欧州5か国、日本に加えその他38か国が対象)
  • 臨床および商業的観点からの上市済み医薬品と開発パイプラインの製品評価
  • 価格・償還制度


Datamonitor Healthcareでは下記項目を分析して患者ベースの売上予測を算出します。

  • 疫学者(エピデミオロジスト)チームによる患者セグメントの特定
  • 1疾患当たり7か国210名以上の専門医へのプライマリーリサーチ(アンケート調査によるKOLインタビュー)により治療アルゴリズムを特定
  • インフォーマのアナリストの見解を提示
    • 企業(財務、薬剤評価・比較、SWOT分析、成功確率に影響を与えるイベント分析)
    • 価格・償還(薬価下げ圧力、後発医薬品参入の影響)
    • 戦略(ヘルスケア業界全体のトレンド、医薬品市場の現状と課題)


Datamonitor Healthcareの活用事例などさらに詳しい説明を兼ねたデモンストレーションをご希望の場合は下記よりお申し込み下さい。

また、開発中の医療用医薬品の承認に影響を与えるイベントをリアルタイムで追跡し、アメリカ食品医薬品局(FDA)の承認確率(LOA: Likelihood of Approval)で示す姉妹サービスBiomedtracker(バイオメドトラッカー)を合わせて利用されるとより効果的です。


What's included

Pharma Intelligence: latest

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Neuropathic Pain Market and Forecast Analysis to 2026

    07 Sep 2018

    Big changes are coming to the neuropathic pain market – are you prepared? Take a look at the projected neuropathic pain drug sales for the US, Japan, and five EU nations with the latest infographic from Datamonitor Healthcare. This snapshot view of the future of the neuropathic pain market is packed with data from the full Datamonitor Healthcare Neuropathic Pain Disease Coverage report.

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Meningococcal Vaccines Forecast Infographic

    28 Aug 2018

    Over 1.2 million cases of bacterial meningitis are estimated to occur worldwide each year. If not treated promptly, up to half of those cases will be fatal. This infographic from Datamonitor Healthcare provides a snapshot of the meningococcal vaccines market in the US and five major EU markets. What does the meningococcal vaccines market have in store and how will it affect your business? Download now.

    Topic vaccines

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Epidiolex and Epilepsy - big changes for medical marijuana

    28 Aug 2018

    With the FDA’s landmark approval of Epidiolex, a cannabidiol used to treat rare, severe pediatric epilepsies, the only obstacle to the legal sale of the drug is DEA reclassification of cannabidiol (CBD). With reclassification likely in the next 90 days, what does it mean for the epilepsy market, as well as the wider market for CBD?

    Topic Drug approval

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Japan Pharma Outlook 2027 Report Extract

    27 Aug 2018

    Download your complimentary Japan Pharma Outlook 2027 report extract. The 16-page excerpt includes highlights from the full report, which is available to subscribers of Datamonitor Healthcare, and available to purchase on our Report Store. Discover now the complex challenges and opportunities facing Japan Pharma.

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Trends in Gene Therapy Seminar

    By Patricia Reilly 22 Aug 2018

    The promises of gene therapy are taking a long time to be fulfilled, in part due to challenges in developing gene vectors capable of safe and efficient delivery of therapeutic genes (transgenes) into patients’ cells. Nonetheless, these challenges are being addressed in innovative ways. A variety of first-generation vectors, both viral and non-viral, have been employed in clinical trials with varying degrees of success, and the experience gained is guiding the design of next-generation vectors.

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Podcast - Analyst Opinion on Approval of AndexXa for reversal of Eliquis and Xarelto

    By Zachary McLellan 22 Aug 2018

    Zach McLellan, Jack Allen, and guest analyst Cameron Findlater discuss current events in the healthcare space in the Datamonitor Healthcare Analyst Podcast, including the approval of AndexXa for reversal of Eliquis and Xarelto & Eli Lilly's acquisition of ARMO Biosciences.

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Japan Pharma Outlook Webinar Recording

    By Ian Haydock 22 Aug 2018

    Listen to this insightful presentation of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Japan Pharma, hosted by the expert analysts from Pharma Intelligence.

    Topic drug-development-landscape

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Datamonitor Healthcare Analyst Podcast: Post-ASCO Podcast 2

    22 Aug 2018

    Zach McLellan and Jack Allen are joined by guest analyst Maria Berezina. The group discusses key recent events that occurred at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2018 Annual Meeting.

    Topic Cancer

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Datamonitor Healthcare Analyst Podcast: Post-ASCO Podcast 1

    By Jack Allen 22 Aug 2018

    Zach McLellan and Jack Allen are joined by guest analysts Dominique Fontanilla and Hardik Patel. The group discusses key recent events that occurred at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2018 Annual Meeting.

    Topic cancer

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Business Development and Licensing Video

    01 Jul 2018

    If you’re a senior business development and licensing professional in pharma or biotech, it’s your job to ensure that your company’s revenue pipeline is full of viable opportunities and accelerate growth for your organisation. Watch this short video  and discover how Informa’s Pharma Intelligence provides the rock-solid intelligence you need to accelerate growth and drive business forward.

    Topic business-strategies

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Acute Myeloid Leukemia Market Outlook Seminar

    27 Jun 2018

    There has been little change to standard treatment for AML in recent years; however, 2017 saw a flurry of new targeted drug approvals, sparking significant market growth. Patient age remains the biggest factor in driving treatment decisions for AML. Cases of AML are expected to increase, and prognosis remains poor – especially among older adults. Drug developers are targeting patient segments with high unmet clinical need to gain access to the AML market and the budget impact of AML is expected to grow considerably.

    Topic cancer

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Approval of Sun Pharmas Yonsa in Prostate Cancer Podcast

    29 May 2018

    Zach McLellan and Jack Allen discuss current events in the healthcare space in the Datamonitor Healthcare Analyst Podcast, including the approval of Sun Pharma's Yonsa in prostate cancer, and broad market commentary on Tesaro, Gilead, Clovis, Portola, BMS and Celgene

    Topic company-analysis

  • Citeline, Scrip:世界の医薬品産業ニュースサービス, Biomedtracker, Datamonitor...

    ASCO Essentials Webinar 2018 Recording

    29 May 2018

    Just in time for your 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting planning, join analysts from Datamonitor Healthcare, Biomedtracker, Citeline, Scrip, and Pink Sheet for their expert opinions on what you need to know to get the most from the meeting. Let our experts present their top picks from the thousands of abstracts being presented at ASCO.

    Topic Clinical trials

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Profitability Assessment of Branded Generic Inhalers

    By Ljlal Syed, Mark Lansdell and David Abramson 17 May 2018

    This report examines the extent to which order of market entry influences the prospects of achieving a satisfactory return on investment for companies developing branded generic

    Topic deal-trends

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Gene therapy

    15 May 2018

    Topic Cell and gene therapy

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210名以上の医師、及び保険者とKOLに対する大規模プライマリーリサーチと、専属アナリストが精査したセカンダリーリサーチによる市場調査・予測レポートのライブラリーです。 患者数ベースの疾患市場と売上予測、500以上の上市品と開発品情報、主要7か国の治療実態、80疾患の疫学情報、53社の主要企業プロファイル、財務、価格・償還制度に関する情報などを包括的にカバーしています。

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