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Share trial results simply, securely, and seamlessly

Trial Result Summaries

Your clinical trial is complete. Now you have ethical and organizational obligations to demonstrate clinical data transparency by communicating the results to participants and the public. Until now, this was a cumbersome process. Paper-based workflows slow the publishing process. And on-site summary distribution means many patients never even receive results. changes that. It’s a publicly accessible online portal, that aggregates clinical trial results summaries from participating sponsors — and presents them in a simple, searchable interface.

Benefits all clinical trial stakeholders

Trial Result Summaries

Engage the patient community

Along with being able to easily search for trials and their results, patients can read translated results summaries in their native language, and subscribe to receive notifications relevant to their medical concerns. It’s another powerful bridge between your research and the patient community.

Publish in the right context

The is unbiased, purely informational, and non-promotional — without the commercial branding of a company-sponsored website. You can publicize findings with full confidence that you’re within regulatory protocols and communicating trial results in a compliant, ethical way. And if you need assistance writing plain language summaries (PLS), our clinical trial disclosure services can help.

Modernize your publishing process

Sharing your study summaries on is 100% electronic. No more manual paper processes or printing and distributing summaries at on-site locations. Everything is digital, trackable, secure, and simple — just how you and your patients want it to be.


Simplify how you share trial results.


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Sitetrove: 治験責任医師と治験施設情報のデータベース

Sitetrove(サイトトローブ)は、170か国・40万人以上の治験責任医師(PI: Principal Investigator)と235以上の疾患に対応する11万7千か所以上の治験施設に関する情報を収録するデータベースです。治験責任医師と治験施設に関して業界で最も正確で包括的な情報を提供することで、コスト増につながる治験の遅延を最小化し、お客様の臨床試験を成功に導くようサポートします。Sitetroveに登録される治験責任医師は、豊富な臨床経験や治験に関する十分な知識をもっていることをアナリストにより精査されています。

Key benefits:

  • 治験責任医師と治験施設情報のデータベース
  • 疫学ダッシュボードは見やすいマップビュー
  • アナリストに
trial-trove-pharma intelligence

Trialtrove: 医療用医薬品の臨床試験情報データベース


Key benefits:

  • 専門家による情報精査
  • 世界中の臨床試験情報を網羅
  • 標準治療に関する情報