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In Vivo(インビボ)は主に「成長」「イノベーション」「リーダーシップ」「マーケットアクセス」「マーケットインテリジェンス」の5つの観点から世界の医療用医薬品産業のトレンドを取材しています。

世界の開発パイプラインを分析したインフォーマ・ファーマインテリジェンス発行のレポート「Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018」によると、日本は創薬能力では世界第2位、市場規模でも3位につけています。欧米の新薬創出国と比較して劣っているわけではありません。


In Vivoを読むことによって、経営に携わる人々は根拠をもって意思決定をし、リスクをコントロールできるようになります。In Vivoは今日の経営層または新規ビジネス開発担当者にとっては必須のビジネスツールです。

経営戦略・トップマネジメントの視点から研究開発や財務戦略なども含む医薬品産業ニュースを読めるのはIn Vivoだけです。特集記事、注目の人物、KOLの独占インタビュー、業界幹部の異動情報なども充実しています。




  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    Pfizer Reports 80% Biosimilars Growth In Q3

    pfizer biosimilars growth

    Pfizer has reported 80% growth in its global biosimilars business for the third quarter of 2020, on the back of recent oncology launches. Though the company’s sterile injectables saw a slight drop in business, Pfizer’s biopharma business saw 4% growth.

    Topic Coronavirus biosimilars deal-trends

  • HBW Insight : コンシューマーヘルスケア産業のニュース, Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック...

    Pharma Intelligence Launches Alexa Skill

    Pharma Intelligence Launches Alexa Skill

    Keep up with topics you care about in Pharma and Medtech with the new Alexa Skill from Informa Pharma Intelligence. Access daily news briefings to stay up to date with the latest news, right from your Alexa smartphone app!

    Topic Artificial Intelligence Consumer Innovation

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    EMA Endorses Dexamethasone For COVID-19

    Companies marketing dexamethasone in Europe have been told they can use a CHMP endorsement to request the addition of COVID-19 to their product license.

    Topic Coronavirus policy-and-regulation

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    AAM Ramps Up US Election Lobbying

    The AAM has published a timely guide highlighting various voter issues of concern in the run-up to the US elections, including anti-competitive tactics building on monopoly pricing and weak patent laws. The AAM has also called for policies to encourage generic and biosimilar entry in the market while the guide also focuses on policies around the US supply chain.

    Topic US Election 2020 Policy & Regulation

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    WHO's Latest COVID Recommendations Show Generic Potential

    World Health Organization recommendations to use dexamethasone and hydrocortisone to treat patients with severe and critical COVID-19 demonstrate the potential for common and low-cost generics in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

    Topic Coronavirus

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    Time Is Short To Prepare For New Post-Brexit UK Regulation

    Guidance from the UK’s MHRA on post-Brexit arrangements relevant to the off-patent industry has been welcomed by local industry body the BGMA. However, it has warned that time is short to prepare for the end of the UK-EU transition period, with new guidance in certain areas “critical.”

    Topic brexit

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    Top 50 Generics and Biosimilars Companies

    The Annual Top 50 Generics & Biosimilars Companies League Table is here, and Generics Bulletin is sharing its content with you! Connect to league tables and commentary summarizing key developments for the Top 10 companies in generics and biosimilars, part of Generics Bulletin’s annual Top 50 ranking.

    Topic biosimilars

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    European Industry Played Key Role In Mitigating COVID-19

    In the first part of an exclusive two-part interview, James Burt – Accord’s executive vice-president for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa – talks to Generics Bulletin about the key actions taken by the generics industry to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic, and the changed landscape that the off-patent arena can expect to see in future.

    Topic Coronavirus Manufacturing

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    EU Sees Drug Shortage Risk From COVID-19 Second Wave

    A second wave of COVID-19 infection later this year would put even greater pressure on drugs used in patients hospitalized with serious respiratory problems, a new report warns.

    Topic Coronavirus Distribution

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    Generics Industry Experiences Extraordinary First Quarter Due To COVID-19 Crisis

    Coronavirus-induced stockpiling and advanced prescribing of medicines has resulted in generics companies across the world registering unprecedented growth during the first quarter of 2020. However, many companies predict sales will level off again in the next quarter and beyond. And as demand fluctuates following the COVID-19 outbreak, companies have started taking precautionary measures to avoid supply-chain disruptions.

    Topic Coronavirus

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    Remdesivir Compulsory Licensing Is A Dead End For Europe

    In the wake of the revelation that the US has secured rights to almost all of Gilead’s remdesivir supplies through September 2020, compulsory licensing had been raised as a possible way for countries to procure versions of the COVID-19 treatment. However, Medicines for Europe has cautioned that the procedure will not be practical to apply in Europe.

    Topic Coronavirus Intellectual Property policy-and-regulation

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    Remdesivir Licensing Agreements for Generics Companies

    Keep up with crucial developments in the generics industry as Gilead signs non-exclusive, voluntary licensing agreements with several generics manufacturers in an effort to more widely manufacture and distribute the COVID-19 drug remdesivir, used to help patients recover from severe coronavirus infections faster.

    Topic drug-development-landscape

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    Glenmark Debuts Favipiravir For COVID-19 In India

    Glenmark has received the go-ahead in India for and launched its low-priced favipiravir product for mild to moderate COVID-19 under an accelerated approval process.

    Topic Coronavirus Drug Review

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    Dr Reddys Joins Remdesivir Licensees

    Dr Reddy’s has become the latest firm to strike a licensing deal with Gilead for its remdesivir potential treatment for COVID-19.

    Topic Coronavirus

  • Generics Bulletin: ジェネリック&バイオシミラーニュース

    WHO Launches COVID-19 Technology Access Pool

    C-TAP, the voluntary initiative aimed at making vaccines, tests, treatments and other health technologies to fight COVID-19 accessible to all, has been launched by the WHO, in partnership with Costa Rica.

    Topic Coronavirus



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