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In Vivo(インビボ)は主に「成長」「イノベーション」「リーダーシップ」「マーケットアクセス」「マーケットインテリジェンス」の5つの観点から世界の医療用医薬品産業のトレンドを取材しています。

世界の開発パイプラインを分析したインフォーマ・ファーマインテリジェンス発行のレポート「Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018」によると、日本は創薬能力では世界第2位、市場規模でも3位につけています。欧米の新薬創出国と比較して劣っているわけではありません。


In Vivoを読むことによって、経営に携わる人々は根拠をもって意思決定をし、リスクをコントロールできるようになります。In Vivoは今日の経営層または新規ビジネス開発担当者にとっては必須のビジネスツールです。

経営戦略・トップマネジメントの視点から研究開発や財務戦略なども含む医薬品産業ニュースを読めるのはIn Vivoだけです。特集記事、注目の人物、KOLの独占インタビュー、業界幹部の異動情報なども充実しています。




  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    Rising Leaders 2021

    Gain insights into managing unexpected events, effectively communicating change, executing crisis management plans, and more. Industry experts share their insights into innovative ways to integrate teams after M&A, manage D&I initiatives, and build strong leadership for a changing workforce.

    Topic Leadership

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース, 世界の薬事規制動向&情報を配信

    Manufacturing and Distribution: Challenges and Opportunities

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant manufacturing and distribution challenges and opportunities for Pharma. Seize new opportunities and avoid risk with the strategic commercial and regulatory intelligence you need to stay competitive by subscribing to Pink Sheet and In Vivo.

    Topic strategy

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    COVID-19 Made Its Mark On the R&D Pipeline And Novel Drug Launches In 2020


    A new analysis reveals the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on pharma R&D in 2020 in two quarters: the total size of the pipeline and in the number of novel products launched in their first markets.

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    Pandemic Puts A Spotlight On Counterfeit Drugs


    As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forces health care to go digital, opportunities for fraud have proliferated. In Vivo explores the risks, the steps regulators are taking and how companies are looking to provide innovative solutions to help secure manufacturing supply chains.

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    The 14 Billion Dose COVID-19 Manufacturing Challenge


    Manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines at unprecedented speed and scale is 2021’s biggest challenge – and mRNA platforms are emerging as the leaders, living up to their promise as the ideal technology for pandemic preparedness.

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    Merck & Co, Indian Firms On Tackling Supply Chain Risks And A Hijack


    Merck & Co. executive outlines how the company could sustain a “compliant supply performance” amid the pandemic, while senior officials from Sun Pharma, Cipla, Zydus Cadila and Biocon shared insights on coping with supply chain turbulence and moving away from over-dependence on China for starting materials.

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    Deal Making Trends 2021

    Despite the chaos felt in many other sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic, pharma IPOs experienced a banner year in 2020. Understand deal making trends and business strategies as   In Vivo examines the emergence of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) in a data-packed infographic

    Topic business-strategies

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    At War With A Pandemic: Manufacturing For Our Lives


    The rapid development of a vaccine to fight COVID-19 is an effort that will be discussed and admired for centuries to come. The effort to make and deliver the vaccines to those who are most at risk is a battle all of its own. Two manufacturers talk to In Vivo about managing roll out strategies when the whole world is watching.

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    Pandemic Perspectives: Pharma Must Not Let Its COVID-19 Halo Slip


    Biopharma’s accomplishments in tackling the global COVID-19 pandemic, unlike advances within oncology such as cell therapies and checkpoint inhibitors, or functional cures for HIV and hepatitis C, have captured the public’s imagination. Consequently, industry perception scores have ticked upwards sharply, albeit from a low base.

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    The Times They Are A-Changin’: Opportunities In Medtech Regulation For The UK After Brexit

    The turn of the year is a chance to reflect on times past and the future, to make resolutions and look ahead to changes for the better. With Brexit in mind, this is the time to prophesize on UK medtech’s immediate future.

    Topic Regulation Market Access Medtech-Brexit

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    Pharma Intelligence Insights – Outlook 2021 Report

    Power your strongest strategy for the year ahead with insights from the Outlook 2021 report. A combination of Scrip’s Scrip 100, Medtech Insight’s Medtech 100, and In Vivo’s Outlook reports, Outlook 2021 is a comprehensive window into the key trends, challenges and opportunities impacting the biopharma, medtech, and generics sectors for the year to come.

    Topic Outlook

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    How To Obtain Effective Relief When A Global Pandemic Disrupts Your Supply Chain


    The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting global supply chains and companies need effective tools to manage the related contract disputes. Sidley Austin partner Dorothee Schramm and senior associate Katie von der Weid, both specialized in international commercial disputes, provide tips to help companies manage the situation.

    Topic Coronavirus Business Strategies Deals

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    How To Negotiate With Public Payers: Five Lessons - And A Few Cautions - From The UK's New Pact On Drug Price And Access

    In today’s globalized market for medicines, national rules on pricing and access are abundantly shared and more transparent than opaque. In Vivo speaks to the UK branded industry’s negotiator for the latest five-year joint pricing pact with the government, Richard Torbett, who outlines, among other topics, five widely applicable precedents from the talks that can work in “getting to yes” – despite the fractious budgetary climate for health care evident in all major country markets. 

    Topic brexit policy-and-regulation

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    From US To EU: Young Biotechs Going It Alone

    Europe’s patchwork of reimbursement agencies make it a daunting place for a small US biotech to do business. Traditionally large pharma partners or CMSOs have provided an experienced hand to hold, but as a new wave of gene therapies and orphan drugs get the EMA green light, smaller drug developers are applying innovation to commercialization and choosing to go solo.

    Topic Market Access Rare Diseases Strategy

  • In Vivo: 医療用医薬品・医療機器産業の経営層向けニュース

    FDA Emphasizes Clinical Trial Flexibility During Coronavirus Pandemic

    FDA guidance updated in mid-April offered workarounds for trial sponsors attempting to conduct clinical studies in a time of travel limitations, staffing changes and heightened patient safety issues. For trials involving complex products and administration, such as cell and gene therapies, sponsors must determine whether modified protocols can still maintain trial integrity. If not, it may be time to press pause. 

    Topic Coronavirus fda



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