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When you seek accurate, customized, and actionable recommendations tailored to your business needs, turn to the experts at Informa Pharma Consulting. Providing pharmaceuticals consulting, medtech consulting, and life sciences consulting, our Pharma Consulting London office provides global pharma consulting services and has worked with Big Pharma, mid-tier, biotech, and generics players, as well as medical device companies.  With experience in conducting business in all key geographies, Informa consulting draws on the unparalleled data and analysis offerings from across the Informa family of intelligence products, and offers pharma consulting solutions to all your Portfolio Management, R&D Strategy, and Commercial Optimization needs.

Pharma Consulting Whitepaper

Accurate benchmarking has never been more important to the biopharma industry than now, with increased scrutiny related to development costs at an all-time high. What benchmarks are you using? How does your development program compare to those of your competitors?

Explore the importance of benchmarking, specificity, and consulting as they relate to drug development approval rates in biopharma with Pharma Consulting - Probabilities of Technical Success in Biopharma, the informative whitepaper from Informa’s Pharma Consulting.

In this free resource, you’ll discover vital information to help you understand the critical importance of questions like:

  • Do you trust that your decisions are being made based on sound data?
  • Are you able to drill down into and understand the specifics behind trials and programs that succeeded as opposed to ones that failed?
  • Do your benchmarks provide the “why” behind the numbers?

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