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Pharma Market Access

Pharma Market Access

When it comes to pharma market access, you need reliable data, news, and analysis to support your plans and achieve your goals. Ensuring that appropriate patients have uninterrupted access to your brand at a fair price means the difference between your success and failure. But finding reliable, accurate, and comprehensive data and analysis to move your plans forward can be a challenge. Where can you go to obtain the critical information you need? 


Full market access coverage from Pharma Intelligence


The Informa Pharma Intelligence suite of industry intelligence solutions provides a full range of data, analysis, and news pertaining to every aspect of market access for pharma. Tap into insights from a team of experts who bring you the latest market access news, explore emerging market access trends, look back at historical data like market access trends 2021, and provide you with the information you need to succeed.

Formulate your winning market access strategy, inform your essential market access activities, and refine your market access processes with critical insights that help ensure your product reaches the appropriate people at an appropriate price.

What is Market Access in Pharma?

Article Overview:

Learn more now about what is involved in pharmaceutical market access, a topic of vital importance to the pharma industry and patients alike.

What is market access?

Broadly, market access means ensuring that a product is available to consumers in various geographic areas at a price commensurate with the product’s value. Market access is both an essential component of a successful business plan, as well as a challenge to navigate.

What is market access’s role in pharma?

Market access in pharma refers to a company’s ability to provide appropriate treatments to patients – consistently, continually, and quickly. Delivering this pharmaceutical market access is not always easy. Getting treatments to patients when and where they need them can be complicated. It requires a robust strategy that considers the issues of fairly pricing and reimbursing treatments that are often too prohibitively expensive for patients to afford on their own.

The benefits of market access

Patients are an obvious beneficiary of pharmaceutical market access. Attaining and maintaining access to drugs or treatments can improve the quality of life or even save lives for countless patients. Market access in pharma is also critical for pharmaceutical companies. They must work to ensure reimbursement for treatments so such treatments may be provided to patients at a fair and affordable market price.  

The market access process

Guaranteeing market access in pharma can be a complex journey that benefits from having a robust and detailed strategic plan that is an integrated part of the overall drug development process.  Securing pharmaceutical market access involves first attaining regulatory approval, and then working with various stakeholders to set national pricing guidelines, establishing the price that will be paid to the drug manufacturer for the drug. Part of this process is reimbursement. Like pricing, reimbursement differs from country to country. Simply stated, reimbursement is the amount a payer (for example, an insurer) pays the drug manufacturer for the drug or treatment.  Next comes negotiations with local entities on establishing prescribing parameters or determining who is eligible to receive the drug. Finally, once all of this has been established, individual clinicians prescribe the drugs or treatments appropriate to their patients.

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