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​Complete drug tracking

Pharmaprojects | Pharma intelligence

Follow company pipelines in over 40 countries and probe more than 30 years of R&D history to uncover trends that have, and will, impact the drug development industry.

How it works

Pharmaprojects provides comprehensive coverage of drug development, from discovery to end of patent and market exclusivity. Its intuitive search interface supports quick access to disease-, company-, or country-specific drug development results. These can be visualized quickly via an analytic dashboard, or exportable into several formats.

How it can help

Pharmaprojects' expert analysts track in- and out-licensing acitivity making it easy to identify opportunities or market saturation.These analysts will conduct primary research on your behalf to try to uncover additional information around your drug or company of interest.  And, the deep linking to Trialtrove means that you will be on top of any clinical trial developments for your disease, company, or therapeutic mechanism of interest.

What's included

robust curated content  treatment trends analysis pharma intelligence

​Robust, curated content

Analyst reviewed and enriched trial profiles, including tags for key attributes

durgR and DLandscape pipeline pharma intelligence

Drug R&D landscape

Development history, licensing information, molecular structure and more

historical trends indepth analysis pharma intelligence

Historical trends

Attain an analysis of drug development trends from 1995 to date

ask the analyst pharma intelligence

Ask the Analyst

Unlimited research support from experienced industry analysts

dynamic visual results sales forecasts pharma intelligence

Dynamic visual results

Instantly generate tables and charts of key trial counts

Pharma Intelligence: latest

  • Pharmaprojects, Biomedtracker, Trialtrove

    Epigenetic Drugs in Oncology: Current Clinical Landscape and Emerging Trends

    By Doro Shin 22 Mar 2017

    Epigenetic Drugs in Oncology: Current Clinical Landscape and Emerging Trends

    Topic Cancer Clinical trial optimization

  • Pharmaprojects

    Statins forever: Is anything set to topple this class’s mighty reign?

    By Doro Shin 22 Mar 2017

    With the recent controversy surrounding the approval and launch of the first wave of PCSK9 inhibitors (focussing mainly on the extremely high cost in comparison to statin therapies), it may be easy to forget that the dyslipidaemia space has also been plagued by a number of high profile and costly failures too.

    Topic Clinical trials

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharma R&D By Numbers

    By Ian Lloyd 22 Mar 2017

    Welcome to Pharmaprojects' 2017 review of trends in pharmaceutical R&D.

    Topic Drug review Deal trends Company analysis

  • Pharmaprojects

    Discover A Bird’s-Eye View of the Rare Disease Landscape below

    27 Feb 2017

    Over 350 million people worldwide are suffering from rare diseases. Which is why it is necessary to understand the rare disease landscape to date.

    Topic Clinical trials Diseases Rare Disease

  • Pharmaprojects

    The evolution of clinical research in East Asia

    By Roger Longman 25 Nov 2016

    Citeline Doro's analyzes the increased activity of clinical trials located in East Asia.  This report gives a detailed look into characteristics of trials currently being conducted and planned in East Asia.

    Topic Infectious diseases

  • Pharmaprojects

    Announcing the Clinical and Research Excellence Awards and a call for nominations

    By Doro Shin 25 Jan 2016

    On April 27, 2016, Informa will host its inaugural Clinical and Research Excellence (CARE) Awards to honor those in clinical R&D who are making a difference and committed to making human lives better.

  • Pharmaprojects

    Upcoming Novel HIV Single Tablet Regimens

    By Benjamin Graham 01 Dec 2015

    For World AIDS Day, we look at current and upcoming novel single tablet regimens (STRs) for HIV treatment. STR’s primary advantage is that they simplify treatment and this leads to greater patient adherence, lower resistance emergence and overall improved outcomes over more traditional cocktails of antiretroviral drugs

  • Pharmaprojects

    Prostate Cancer Still A Common Occurrence

    By Jonathan Stephens 24 Nov 2015

    When considering cancer in men, prostate cancer could be described as ‘all too frequent’. Indeed, the annual month of ‘Movember’ is here once again and serves as a stark reminder that men worldwide are still dying too young from this disease.Worldwide prostate cancer is currently the second most common cancer in males and the fourth most common cancer overall, with over 1.1 million new cases diagnosed in 2012

  • Pharmaprojects

    PCSK9 Inhibitors What does the future hold for this controversial new class

    By Natasha Boliter 28 Oct 2015

    With the recent launch of Regeneron/Sanofi’s Praluent® and Amgen’s Repatha®, which are both fully human anti-PCSK9 monoclonal antibodies, it is interesting to consider the other molecular approaches being pursued in the burgeoning PCSK9 inhibitor arena.

  • Pharmaprojects

    Anticancer Immunotherapy - A New Weapon Against Cancer

    By Jonathan Stephens 06 Jul 2015

    Since its inception in the mid-20th century, chemotherapy has been the mainstay of cancer treatment and has become increasingly specific and effective. 

    Topic immuno-oncology

  • Pharmaprojects

    Part 2 Current Status of Ebola Virus Treatments

    By Benjamin Graham 25 Mar 2015

    Continuing from part 1 of this series (, which addressed the clinical development of a vaccine for Ebola virus disease (EVD), part 2 will be assessing the status of treatments for EVD.

  • Pharmaprojects

    Part 1: Current Status of Ebola Vaccine Development

    By Gabrielle Gessner 20 Mar 2015

    While there was a decline in new cases of Ebola in December and January in the three West African countries most affected by the virus (Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone), this trend seems to have ended.  Ebola transmission was widespread in Guinea and Sierra Leone in February, but remained low in Liberia, according to the World Health Organization (WHO Ebola Situation Report, 25 Feb 2015, ). Unfortunately, a significant portion of new cases do not have a known cause of transmission.  The race for a vaccine has also heated up, with 6 vaccines now in clinical development, both single vaccines and multiple vaccine regimens.

  • Pharmaprojects

    Citeline Pharma RD Annual Review 2015

    By Ian Lloyd 02 Feb 2015

    As usual, we start with the keenly-anticipated headline figure, Citeline’s annual count of the total number of drugs in the development pipeline. This year, the news is again stellar: 

    Topic Clinical trial optimization

  • Pharmaprojects

    Paving the Way for Multiple Sclerosis Biosimilars

    By Laurie Withington 18 Sep 2014

    Just last month, the US FDA accepted Sandoz’s filing for biosimilar filgrastim, Zarzio.  Sandoz is the first company to announce it has filed for approval under the biosimilars pathway created in the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009 (BPCIA).  In the EU, Inflectra/Remsima™ (infliximab) became the world’s first biosimilar monoclonal antibody to be granted approval from an advanced and developed nations’ regulatory body.  It has already had a limited launch in certain EU markets and a full roll-out is expected in early 2015.   Companies developing biosimilars intended for regulated markets are presumably optimistic about these events which are helping to pave the way for future biosimilar development in advanced nations.

  • Pharmaprojects

    Rare Disease Landscape: Will the Blockbuster Model Be Replaced?

    By Jonathan Stephens 02 Dec 2013

    Whither the pharmaceutical blockbuster? The pharma industry entered the 21st century buoyed by a series of mega hits that had carried it through the nineties on a wave of promise.

    Topic Clinical trial optimization

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