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Maximize pharmaceutical market access potential

RxScorecard | Pharma intelligence

Payers now hold the power behind reimbursable prescribing decisions.

Insight into how payers evaluate drugs, one against another, is crucial to any successful drug launch.


How it helps
RxScorecard delivers objective data – from a payers’ perspective – via a web-based tool. Use it to:

  • Define your development path and specific data requirements that differentiate pipeline candidates to payers
  • Reveal where the value of your drug lies alongside its competitors
  • See how the comparative value of a drug is differentiated within a therapeutic area by class and patient sub-population
  • Align internal stakeholders around a common understanding of what payers value
  • Evaluate future potential and improve value proposition: interactively create custom scenarios using your own proprietary data to test the impact of different assumptions – all in real-time


How it works
RxScorecard™ objectively shows how your payer customers will see your product and those of your competitors. Access scores for competitive drugs on all key efficacy, safety, adherence, and economic metrics most meaningful for payers. Gain powerful insight into how you can effectively differentiate your drug and maximize its market potential.

What's included

evidence based payer

Evidence-based data

View the value of marketed & pipeline agents by therapeutic area & patient population 

clinical and economic metrics company analysis pharma intelligence

Clinical and economic metrics

Scores for competitive drugs on efficacy, safety, adherence, and economic metrics

transparent scoring methodology pharma intelligence

Transparent scoring methods

Data points supported by links to the up-to-date evidence 

interactive and customizable framework pharma intelligence

Interactive custom framework

Real-time war gaming using your proprietary data – improve your drug’s value proposition

Pharma Intelligence: latest

Meet the team


Roger Longman

Management, Leadership Manager
Roger Longman

+27 year(s) experience


Beth Nash

Management, MD Chief Medical Officer
Beth Nash

Beth specializes in

  • Commercial Strategy

+22 year(s) experience


Christine Blazynski PhD

Management, Innovation Head Informa Pharma Intelligence
Christine Blazynski PhD

Christine specializes in

  • Clinical Trials
  • Clinical trial strategy
  • Clinical trial benchmark analysis
  • Clinical trend analysis
  • Biopharma pipeline strategy

+21 year(s) experience

How we've helped other businesses

"We at GSK believe that it’s critical for the pharmaceutical industry to produce drugs that deliver value for patients, providers and payers. We have found RxScorecard™ to be an insightful framework for assessing and comparing the value of drugs, both marketed and developmental assets. The perspective it provides supports improved customer-focused development and commercialization, and we and our customers can benefit from its use.”

​Jack Bailey ​President GlaxoSmithKline U.S.

“With pharmacy costs increasing so quickly, there is increasing pressure for P&T and Technology Assessment Committees to consider the value as well as the clinical efficacy of the drugs under evaluation. By providing an objective framework for assessing value, RxScorecard™ fills a gap in the existing toolkit available to health plans. And with greater discussion around narrower formularies, RxScorecard™ becomes even more important.”

​Michael S. Sherman, MD, MBA ​Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

"RxScorecard™ lets a biopharma company anticipate the most important factors impacting the clinical & economic value of pipeline and marketed drugs -- and then helps identify the necessary changes to the clinical development and commercial program to maximize that value for all stakeholders, especially including payers. It's a required, straightforward, objective strategic tool that allows us to quickly and effectively adapt to a rapidly changing and much more challenging market access environment."

​Ammar Qadan ​Global Value/Market Access Lead Oncology Portfolio & Global Commercial Lead Oncology Biomarkers Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.

"RxScorecard™ provides a comprehensive, multi-pronged rubric assisting us in decision-making as we begin to move from a volume to value drug evaluation methodology."

​Chronis H. Manolis, RPh ​Vice President, Pharmacy UPMC Health Plan

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