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Strategic industry insight

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Construct winning strategies that anticipate where value will lie. In Vivo’s in-depth analysis spans influential  deals, R&D, commercial and market access strategies. 

How it helps 

With In Vivo, you’ll benefit from:

  • Insight about the key players in the industry
  • In-depth coverage of company strategies
  • Expert analysis of deal making, R&D, commercial, market access and finance strategies and trends
  • Exclusive insider insight and thought leadership
  • Help with specific questions from our renowned Ask-the-Analyst™ service

How it works

Access mission-critical information via a simple-to-use interface. And if you need to need to find out more about developments or pharmaceutical industry trends to support presentations, proposals or business-critical decisions, you can access our worldwide network of expert analysts through our acclaimed Ask-the-Analyst™ service. 

Plus, you can identify threats and opportunities using our Execs on the Move feature, which tracks the company movements of senior executives.

What's included

Pharma Intelligence: latest

  • In Vivo

    Pharma Intelligence Insights – Outlook 2021 Report

    In Vivo Outlook Medtech Report

    Power your strongest strategy for the year ahead with insights from the Outlook 2021 report. A combination of Scrip’s Scrip 100, Medtech Insight’s Medtech 100, and In Vivo’s Outlook reports, Outlook 2021 is a comprehensive window into the key trends, challenges and opportunities impacting the biopharma, medtech, and generics sectors for the year to come.

    Topic Outlook

  • In Vivo

    How To Obtain Effective Relief When A Global Pandemic Disrupts Your Supply Chain


    The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting global supply chains and companies need effective tools to manage the related contract disputes. Sidley Austin partner Dorothee Schramm and senior associate Katie von der Weid, both specialized in international commercial disputes, provide tips to help companies manage the situation.

    Topic Coronavirus Business Strategies Deals

  • In Vivo

    How To Negotiate With Public Payers: Five Lessons - And A Few Cautions - From The UK's New Pact On Drug Price And Access

    How To Negotiate With Public Payers: Five Lessons - And A Few Cautions - From The UK's New Pact On Drug Price And Access

    In today’s globalized market for medicines, national rules on pricing and access are abundantly shared and more transparent than opaque. In Vivo speaks to the UK branded industry’s negotiator for the latest five-year joint pricing pact with the government, Richard Torbett, who outlines, among other topics, five widely applicable precedents from the talks that can work in “getting to yes” – despite the fractious budgetary climate for health care evident in all major country markets. 

    Topic Brexit Policy & Regulation

  • In Vivo

    From US To EU: Young Biotechs Going It Alone


    Europe’s patchwork of reimbursement agencies make it a daunting place for a small US biotech to do business. Traditionally large pharma partners or CMSOs have provided an experienced hand to hold, but as a new wave of gene therapies and orphan drugs get the EMA green light, smaller drug developers are applying innovation to commercialization and choosing to go solo.

    Topic Market Access Rare Diseases Strategy

  • In Vivo

    FDA Emphasizes Clinical Trial Flexibility During Coronavirus Pandemic

    FDA Emphasizes Clinical Trial Flexibility During Coronavirus Pandemic

    FDA guidance updated in mid-April offered workarounds for trial sponsors attempting to conduct clinical studies in a time of travel limitations, staffing changes and heightened patient safety issues. For trials involving complex products and administration, such as cell and gene therapies, sponsors must determine whether modified protocols can still maintain trial integrity. If not, it may be time to press pause. 

    Topic Coronavirus FDA

  • In Vivo

    ESG In 2020: Not A Tick-Box Exercise But A Strategic Opportunity


    The idea that public corporations have obligations that extend beyond the fiduciary responsibility to shareholders will be the dominant measure of responsible business behavior in the coming decade. Uncertainty about the extent of these commitments – commonly referenced as the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda – has produced equally variable responses from companies in the health care business.

    Topic Financing Strategy

  • In Vivo

    COVID-19 Vaccine Expectations Are Ambitious Not Impossible

    invivo-COVID-19 Vaccine Expectations Are Ambitious Not Impossible

    Johan Van Hoof, global head of vaccines at Janssen, talks to In Vivo about the company’s platform, how it is approaching COVID-19 research and the impact of today’s global pandemic on the future of vaccine R&D.

    Topic Coronavirus Vaccines

  • In Vivo

    Curing What Hinders Alzheimer’s Drug Development

    Curing What Hinders Alzheimer’s Drug Development

    Biomarkers will be key to winning the race to a successful AD drug. Even then, drugmakers must build the infrastructure for getting therapy to the right patients at the right time.

    Topic Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development Landscape

  • In Vivo

    Bayer US Pharmaceuticals' Sebastian Guth: Designs On A New Decade


    Bayer’s ambitious campaign to reposition itself as a global leader in two complementary fields – health and nutrition – will face its toughest test in the US, with its highly litigious approach to product liability and a tendency to target pharmaceuticals as the source of the health system’s affordability and access problems.

    Topic Business Strategies Leadership

  • In Vivo

    A Tale Of Two Pipelines


    Immuno-oncology has produced some exciting successes, but the field has become intensely crowded. Enormous resources are being poured into duplicative work and shaky hypotheses—overshadowing other pursuits in cancer research while producing limited results. It is time to re-evaluate how the sector should be pursuing innovation in cancer and how it can be smarter in its use of resources—financial investment, talent, bandwidth, patients and data.

    Topic Cancer Research & Development

  • In Vivo, Medtech Insight

    Transforming Cancer Treatment with Early Detection Diagnostics: Opportunities And Obstacles Webinar

    Early Diagnostic webinar slides

    Join distinguished cancer and industry experts as they explore what a shift in cancer treatment – from late stage intervention to an early detection paradigm – would mean for patient outcomes, cancer costs, technology, development, regulatory affairs, and more. Explore this new approach toward focusing on early stage cancer detection, including discussion of diagnostics in this area, such as biomarker identification, liquid biopsies, and monitoring technologies.

    Topic Diagnostics Cancer

  • In Vivo, Scrip

    BIO-Europe Biopharma Deals and Financing eBook

    BIO-Europe Biopharma Deals and Financing eBook

    2020 coverage from Scrip and In Vivo provides rich insights into the attitudes and trends around deals and financing, two major engines of innovation and growth for biopharma during this current pandemic period.

  • In Vivo, Medtech Insight, Pink Sheet, Scrip

    The Rise of Digital Tools eBook

    Rise of digital tools eBook

    Explore how digital technologies are being used to address the disruption of clinical trials for drugs and medical technology caused by COVID-19. Stay current with insights from industry leaders, information on guidance and regulation, and an examination of how the challenges of this global crisis and the industry’s response to it may soon usher in a new era in worldwide healthcare.

    Topic Coronavirus

  • In Vivo

    The Sensational Trumps Sense As UK Voters Show Appetite For "Brexit"

    The Sensational Trumps Sense As UK Voters Show Appetite For "Brexit"

    As night turned to day on June 24, it became clearer by the hour that the unthinkable had happened, and the UK’s long and acrimonious debate about its 43-year membership of the European Union had ended in a victory for the Leave group. The local health care products industries made their views clear some weeks ago, but today and in the months to come, they will have to confront a Plan B that was never in the plans.

    Topic Market Access Brexit

  • Pink Sheet, Scrip, In Vivo

    Gene Therapy eBook

    Gene Therapy eBook

    Keep up with advances in the critically important, emerging area of gene therapy. This transformative new category of medicines has the potential to treat more diseases – including complex and rare diseases – with longer-lasting effects than traditional medicines.

    Topic Research & Development Deals

Meet the team


William Looney

Editor, Executive Editor, In Vivo


William Looney

William specializes in

  • Biopharma Pipeline Strategy
  • Biotech
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Market Access
  • Policy & Regulation

+40 year(s) experience


Cathy Kelly

Editor, Senior editor

Washington DC, USA

Cathy Kelly

Cathy specializes in

  • Policy & Regulation
  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Access
  • Pricing & Reimbursement

+39 year(s) experience


Denise Peterson

Management, Editor In Chief, Pharma US

Washington DC, USA

Denise Peterson

Denise specializes in

  • Commercial Strategy
  • Policy & Regulation

+38 year(s) experience

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