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​Insider intelligence

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Construct winning strategies that anticipate where value will lie. In Vivo’s up-to-the-minute intelligence spans important deals, drug approval rates, regulatory issues, pricing and reimbursement.

How it works

With In Vivo, you get a window into what the key players in the biopharma, medtech, and diagnostics industries are thinking, as well as what your competitors are doing.

And if you need to need to find out more about developments or trends to support presentations, proposals or business-critical decisions, you can access our global expert analysts through the Ask the Analyst service.

How In Vivo can help

 You’ll benefit from: 

  • Inside information from the key players in the industry
  • In-depth coverage of competitor strategies
  •  Data and examination of deal making, marketing, R&D, regulatory and finance strategies
  •  Exclusive insider insight and thought leadership
  •  Help with specific questions from our Ask the Analyst service

What's included

Cutting edge leadership

Cutting edge thought leadership

Incisive projections of future industry advances

Expert analysis

Expert analysis

Analysis of trends shaping the market landscape

Hear from newsmakers

Hear from news makers

Access interviews with leading decision makers, industry experts and thought leaders, across the industry.


ask the analyst pharma intelligence

Ask the expert

Put your questions about any of our news stories, data and analysis to our expert journalists and analysts.


In depth company profile

In depth examination of deal-making and finance strategies

What's successful, what are the trends

Pharma Intelligence: latest

Meet the team


Sten Stovall

Reporter-Journalist, Senior Editor, Pharma Insights
Sten Stovall

Sten specializes in

  • Policy & Regulation

+41 year(s) experience


John Hodgson

Editor, Executive Editor
John Hodgson

John specializes in

  • Policy & Regulation

+35 year(s) experience


Roger Longman

Management, Leadership Manager
Roger Longman

+26 year(s) experience

Next steps

Whether you’re a small biotech start-up, research firm, generic manufacturer or a global pharmaceutical giant, you need focused, independent insight and opinion on market developments.

Our team is always happy to hear from you. Please call us at:

  • US Toll-Free  : +1 888-670-8900
  • US Toll           : +1 908-547-2200
  • UK & Europe : +44 (20) 337 73737
  • Australia       : +61 2 8705 6907

Or email us your inquiry, so we can provide you the best possible customer service:

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