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 Medical device webinar: EU and US regulatory changes on the horizon


Listen to Amanda Maxwell, Regulatory Affairs Editor, DavidFilmore, Executive Editor, and Ashley Yeo, Principal Analyst as they will focuson medtech regulation and the key changes that are likely to impact theindustry in the coming months/years:


  • US regulatory market overview, including alook at the shift in focus of the FDA as well as improvements made in theirefficiency.


  • Key points of evolution to expect in the US;exploring real.


  • Data and it’s uses, nascent regulatory mechanisms andchanges in IVDs.


  • User fee reauthorization and key outputs.


  • EU regulatory overview, including currentdirectives, new regulations for devices and IVDs and the key regulatory players.


  • Key EU regulatory changes and howmanufacturers must prepare, across medical device regulation and IVD regulation.


  • Dalli Plan of Joint Actions.





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