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Why is this clinical and research excellence important?
In the past 10 years’ investment in R&D by pharma has increased from $70billion to over $100billion, a CAGR of 6%. The result is an increase in pharma’s collective pipeline by 54%. Yet getting a new drug to market has not become no less risky. Less than 10% of candidates starting phase I trials will make it to FDA approval, and of those that do, it will cost on average $1billion.


Behind these eye watering figures lie crucial decisions about R&D strategy. How does each pharma company best utilize their finite resources to get the best return on investment in a competitive and fast changing healthcare market?

Where do you rank?
With ownership of the world’s leading R&D databases, Pharma Intelligence is in a unique position to create the definitive index of clinical and research excellence. Based on a series of key R&D indicators this index allows you to create your own versions by adjusting indicator weighting and compare this to our analysts.


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