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Trialtrove, Chinatrove

Is China the Dark Horse in Clinical Development?

By ​Heidi Chen 30 Nov 2017

Over the last decade, it is undeniable that China has emerged as a rising star in pharmaceutical R&D

Topic Clinical trials

Chinatrove, Sitetrove

Bioequivalence Trials in China and the Increased Need for Reliable CROs

By Christina DeRuzza 24 Nov 2017

China’s 13th five-year plan 2016–20 will move the country into the center of the international stage of drug development, where they will be global innovators in the industry and more competitive than ever with foreign firms.

Topic Clinical trials Drug review


2016 Clinical Trials Roundup

27 Jul 2017

Information for 2016 Clinical Trials Roundup comes in part from Citeline’s Trialtrove, one of the essential tools in the Informa Pharma Intelligence suite of products.

Topic Clinical trials


The Coming of Age of Biosimilars in Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

By Laura Runkel 19 Jun 2017

Biosimilars for autoimmune drugs, including humira, remicade, etanercept, rituximab and others, have been in clinical development for several years.

Topic Biosimilars


Multiple Sclerosis Landscape: Is there a paradigm shift?

By Christine Blazynski 01 Jun 2017

The standard of care treatment for multiple sclerosis involves immunomodulatory therapy  to relieve and/or modify symptoms; the vast majority of these are large biologic molecules and are administered via injection. 

Topic Multiple Sclerosis


One Size No Longer Fits All: The Personalized Medicine Trial Landscape

By Doro Shin 31 May 2017

One Size No Longer Fits All comes to you from In Vivo, part of the Informa Pharma Intelligence suite of tools. Leveraging a unique array of news, data, analysis, and consulting products and services.

Topic Personalized Medicine


2016 Completed Clinical Trials: Industry Strategies Revealed and Graded

By Christine Blazynski PhD 30 May 2017

Company pipeline depictions are snapshots that illustrate, at that point in time, where a therapeutic candidate sits in terms of development stage for a specific therapy area or disease.


First for Fatty Liver – Who will win the race to be the first NAFLD treatment to market?

By Ethan Hebert 19 Apr 2017

Currently there are no approved pharmacological treatments for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), including the subtype non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

Topic Clinical trials


A Review of the Current Landscape of Renal Anemia Research

By Robin Custeau 01 Apr 2017

Given the current limited options and future demand for renal anemia treatment, pharmaceutical companies will have an opportunity to capitalize on this market.

Topic Research

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