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As the pharma and healthcare sector face increasing challenges, your clients rely more than ever on independent intelligence. As the trusted partner of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies and 10 contract research organizations, our wide range of solutions cover the early phase and portfolio decisions to clinical R&D and commercial planning and analysis. We cover every aspect of life science business from drug and device discovery and development to regulatory approval, drug reimbursement to lifecycle management.

Pharma Intelligence is your partner to help you make smart decisions that will give you an advantage in a fast changing market. We provide reliable information to help build a complete picture of the market, giving you access to past, current and future trends and analysis. Whether you are working on your next business pitch, engaging on a project for an existing client or working on due diligence for a proposed merger or acquisition; we’ll help you meet the demands of dynamic markets and changing customer needs with:

  • Expert analysis of key pharma sectors
  • In-depth knowledge from drug discovery to market access
  • Global coverage including digital health, R&D and emerging markets
  • Precise analysis and data
  • Customised reports





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​You’ll gain a comprehensive knowledge of the global pharma market with our complete coverage.
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We’ll keep you in touch with complex regulatory and pricing and reimbursement issues.

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​Respond to market events, identify opportunities and anticipate changes by tracking patent expiration.
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Timely news and in-depth insight. Essential for anyone making commercial decisions in the pharmaceutical industry.

Key benefits:

  • Follow market developments
  • Go beyond the news
  • Hear from news makers

Datamonitor Healthcare

Datamonitor Healthcare's expert coverage of key diseases, companies, drugs and market trends makes it the go-to product for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to support the development and validation of their strategic plans and commercial decisions.

Key benefits:

  • Prioritize market opportunities
  • Identify unmet needs
  • Make informed decisions

Pink Sheet

Unparalleled access to global pharma regulatory and compliance intelligence and expertise.

Key benefits:

  • Get a global view
  • Go beyond the news
  • Hear from news makers

Pharma Intelligence latest insights

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    After several setbacks, Xadago has received a less than ideal FDA approval in Parkinson’s disease

    By Stephanie Yip 28 Mar 2017

    On 21 March 2017, Newron Pharmaceuticals and its partners Zambon and US WorldMeds announced the approval of Xadago (safinamide) for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease (PD) as an add-on therapy to levodopa/carbidopa for patients experiencing “off” periods (BusinessWire, 2017; FDA press release, 2017). This approval was long-awaited by Newron and its US partner, US WorldMeds, as it followed numerous earlier US regulatory setbacks. Newron and its partner are now looking to successfully launch Xadago, but the US approved label fell short of ideal as it did not extend to early-stage PD patients receiving dopamine agonists  

    Topic Diseases Parkinsons disease

  • Scrip

    Lost $700m Opportunity As PTC Bids Farewell to Translarna in CF

    By Francesca Bruce 28 Mar 2017

    In withdrawing its European marketing application for Translarna in cystic fibrosis, PTC Therapeutics has bid farewell to a market opportunity once pegged at $700m.  

    Topic Research

  • Scrip

    C4 And Google's Calico Enter Mysterious Alliance On 'Diseases Of Aging'

    By Joseph Haas 28 Mar 2017

    While details are scant, the five-year collaboration will pair C4's targeted protein degradation approach with Calico's focus on diseases of aging. Privately held C4 otherwise is aiming to bring its first Degronomid candidate into the clinic in 2018.

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    Potential to be a disease modifier gives Cosentyx a competitive edge in the psoriasis market

    By Ines Mihel 27 Mar 2017

    At the 2017 annual meeting of the Maui Derm for Dermatologists, Novartis presented new data from the A2302E1 study which suggest that Cosentyx (secukinumab) could change the course of psoriasis, with approximately 20% of patients achieving maintenance of skin clearance after stopping treatment for one year. Datamonitor Healthcare believes that these data could allow Cosentyx to be positioned earlier in the treatment algorithm and become a market leader in psoriasis.

    Topic Diseases Psoriatic arthritis

  • Datamonitor Healthcare

    ACC 2017 – FOURIER CVOT data spur physician demand for Repatha, but reimbursement will remain a major barrier

    By Jack Allen 27 Mar 2017

    Results from the Phase III FOURIER trial in high-risk patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) find that Repatha treatment results in significant reductions in rates of stroke and myocardial infarction. These positive results have excited physicians, although it is likely that reimbursement will remain strict since payers did not view the results as positively as physicians.

    Topic Diseases

  • Pink Sheet

    Malta Bids For EMA, Citing Quality Of Life, Healthcare, And Small Pharma Industry

    By Ian Schofield 24 Mar 2017

    Malta has joined the ever-growing number of countries wanting to host the European Medicines Agency when it relocates from the UK post-Brexit. The European Commission has said new “technical issues” have been raised that will need to be addressed, and industry bodies have outlined the criteria they say need to be met by the future host country.

    Topic Brexit

  • Pink Sheet

    Consensus On Pharmacovigilance

    By Vibha Sharma 24 Mar 2017

    A new draft guideline from the European Medicines Agency on pharmacovigilance requirements relating to medicines taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding has been delayed and will now be issued for stakeholder consultation by the end of 2017.

    Topic BioPharmaceutical

  • Scrip

    Minoryx Preps For Tough Pricing Regime As CNS Orphan Drug Enters Phase II/III

    By Lucie Ellis 23 Mar 2017

    Orphan drug development used to be considered a license to print money, with high price tags and a focused customer base. With the development of an increasingly tough orphan drug pricing environment in the US and Europe, biotechs are adopting new strategies. CNS drug developer Minoryx will introduce endpoints into its Phase II/III studies for rare brain disease X-ALD that should help demonstrate both efficacy and value for future pricing discussions.

    Topic Rare Disease Research

  • Scrip

    Fortress Adds New Rare Disease-Focused Subsidiary

    By Jessica Merrill 23 Mar 2017

    Cyprium joins Fortress’ growing company portfolio, which now includes nine subsidiaries focused on a broad range of disease. Fortress CEO Rosenwald aims to add one to two new companies a quarter under the Fortress umbrella.

    Topic Business strategies Rare Disease

  • Scrip

    Novartis Pursues Disease-Modifying Differentiator For Cosentyx In Psoriasis

    By Alex Shimmings 23 Mar 2017

    New extension data suggesting that Novartis's IL-17A inhibitor Cosentyx could alter the course of disease in its lead indication of psoriasis could position the drug earlier in the treatment paradigm and please payers; the company has launched a new prospective study to see if the results hold true.

    Topic Clinical trials Research

  • Scrip

    The Microbiome, An Infographic

    23 Mar 2017

    Changing the composition of the microbiome, the multitude of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses that reside in or on our bodies, or the way the microbiome interacts with its human host, could lead to novel therapeutic approaches to disease. Inflammatory bowel disorders, Clostridia-associated diarrhea and obesity are all potential targets for microbiome altering medicines.

    Topic Research

  • Scrip

    The Decline And Fall Of The Pharma Pipeline

    By Alex Shimmings 23 Mar 2017

    2016 saw a drop in the growth rates for both number of products in active development and in the number of companies in active R&D. The data from a new report from Pharmaprojects seem to point to an end to recent years of accelerated growth in the pipeline that followed five years of stagnation.

    Topic Research Company analysis

  • Scrip

    Second Genome CEO predicts paradigm shift

    22 Mar 2017

    Michael Hay, head of Informa Pharma Intelligence Products, shares his thoughts on how shareholder pressure for genuine patient benefits has implications for the pharma and biotech industries.

  • Pink Sheet

    Drug Price Controls As Part Of The Repertoire

    By Cathy Kelly 21 Mar 2017

    President's pledge to merge drug pricing control with a revamp of the Affordable Care Act wins applause at Kentucky rally, where the president reeled through a number of his populist issues, even as the idea makes scant legislative progress.

    Topic Policy and regulation Reimbursement

  • Scrip

    Microbiome Market Value To Reach $500m by 2022

    By Lucie Ellis 21 Mar 2017

    The microbiome market will see its value rise to $500m by 2022, and higher during the next decade. The key driver will be the increase in biotech and pharma firms looking at the emerging research space for new therapeutic options to treat chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease.  

    Topic Bio Europe Spring

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