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​​Conduct successful trials

Conduct Successful Trials

There are some trials that could be great for your business and others that might not be. But without high-quality intelligence, it can be hard to assess or maximize a trial’s potential. Our thorough and extensive clinical trial information will help you:

  • Make the right go/no-go decision
  • Design clinical trials that eliminate the need for additional trials, avoiding extra costs
  • Enroll patients faster and drive quicker trial completion - bringing efficiencies to the trial

We’ll help you identify companies active in your territory and their phases of development, and spot where to run trials, showing where comparator trials have been approved and the availability of regional investigators. Understand the competition You can size up competing trials because we monitor and benchmark them, assessing patient availability, prioritizing investigators and tracking enrollment. And to help you mitigate risks, we can provide intelligence on safety issues faced by trials of similar designs.

Our unique strengths


Position your organization to win more business

​Helping with everything from lead generation to targeting, proposal preparation to feasibility assessments and bid defenses, our intelligence will help you secure more successful trials.
marketing agencies

Find trial-experienced investigators globally

​Our intelligence products are the industry’s best source for checking investigator availability in regions and prioritizing investigators.

Set your trials up for approval

​With our clinical trials research and intelligence, you’re more likely to get your trials approved and more speedily.
pharmaceutical companies

Make better informed decisions

​Use our intelligence to inform the design of your clinical trials, bringing efficiencies to the process.
clinical research organizations

Benefit from a dedicated service

​Our services come with dedicated client service and analyst support.
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Relevant products



Chinatrove is the leading provider of clinical trial site intelligence for CFDA approved public health care institutions in China



Over 400,000 investigators in over 170 countries, all with clinical trial experience, all at your fingertips. Support your trial success and inform your PI and site selection activities with Sitetrove.

Key benefits:

  • ​Robust, curated content
  • Investigator prioritization
  • Epidemiology dashboard


​Analyze drug development by therapeutic areas, mechanisms, origins, targets and more.

Key benefits:

  • ​Robust, curated content
  • Drug R&D landscape
  • Historical trends

Pharma Intelligence latest insights

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