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The key to trial success

Conduct Successful Trials

There are some trials that could be great for your business and others that might not be. But without high-quality intelligence, it can be hard to assess or maximize a trial’s potential. 

How we help
Our thorough and extensive clinical trial intelligence for CROs will help your organization: 

  • Identify clinical trials that may be completing, as well as company’s planned clinical trials
  • Make the right go/no-go decision
  • Design clinical trials that eliminate the need for additional trials, avoiding extra costs
  • Quickly identify and generate your short list of investigators

We’ll help you identify companies active in your territory and their phases of development. Spot where to run trials, with our data on where comparator trials have been approved and the availability of regional investigators. 

You can size up competing trials, because we monitor and benchmark them, prioritizing investigators and tracking enrollment. And to help you mitigate risks, we can provide intelligence on safety issues faced by trials of similar designs.

Our unique strengths


Position your organization to win more business

​Helping with everything from lead generation to targeting, proposal preparation to feasibility assessments and bid defenses, our intelligence will help you secure more successful trials.
marketing agencies

Find trial-experienced investigators globally

Use the industry’s best source for checking investigator availability in regions, as well as prioritizing and targeting investigators with the right trial experience. 

Set your trials up for approval

Shorten the timeline to protocol submission and approval with our clinical trials research and intelligence.
pharmaceutical companies

Make better informed decisions

​Use our intelligence to inform the design of your clinical trials, bringing efficiencies to the process.
clinical research organizations

Benefit from a dedicated service

​Our services come with dedicated client service and analyst support.
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Relevant products


Chinatrove: your resource for clinical trials in China

Key benefits:

  • CFDA hospital clinical trials’ status
  • Hospital equipment/capabilities counts
  • Custom tables and charts



Sitetrove: Clinical trial site & investigator identification

Approximately 400,000 investigators in over 170 countries, all with clinical trial experience, all at your fingertips. Support your trial success and inform your principal investigator (PI) and site selection activities with Sitetrove, now on a sleek, modern interface for simpler, faster and more efficient searching.

Key benefits:

  • Investigator prioritization
  • Epidemiology dashboard
  • Custom tables and charts

Pharma Intelligence latest insights

  • Citeline

    Asco Essentials Webinar 2018 Recording

    By Loni Branon 25 May 2018

    The 9th Annual SCOPE (Summit for Clinical Trials Operations Executives) Summit has concluded: join industry expert and clinical trial planning thought leader Loni Branon as she hosts a follow-up to this important annual event, where Informa Pharma Intelligence hosted a launch party for our exciting new Citeline platform

    Topic Clinical trials

  • Citeline

    Webinar recording: Partnering shared expertise and technology to optimize study planning

    By Loni Branon 24 May 2018

    The 9th Annual SCOPE (Summit for Clinical Trials Operations Executives) Summit has concluded: join industry expert and clinical trial planning thought leader Loni Branon as she hosts a follow-up to this important annual event, where Informa Pharma Intelligence hosted a launch party for our exciting new Citeline platform.

    Topic Clinical trials

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharma RD Review Webinar

    By Ian Lloyd 24 May 2018

    Keep in tune with the current landscape for pharma R&D with a free, information-packed webinar recording from Informa Pharma Intelligence. In the Global Pharma R&D Review webinar, our experts hit all the right notes as they used a music theme to explore key issues affecting R&D today, and offer a glimpse of what the rest of 2018 may look like.

  • Trialtrove

    2017 Completed Trials

    By Christine Blazynski, PhD 16 May 2018

    As Informa Pharma Intelligence has done for the past three years, this analysis examines the landscape of industry-sponsored clinical trials completed during 2017, of which there were a total of 3,534 Phase I through Phase III/IV. The nearly 700 trials terminated in 2017 were not included in this analysis.

    Topic Clinical trials

  • Pharmaprojects, Citeline

    Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018

    By Ian Lloyd 15 May 2018

    Authored for the last 25 years by Ian Lloyd, Senior Director of Pharmaprojects and Data Integration, this vital resource uses a music motif to turn up the volume on the evolution of trends in pharmaceutical R&D. Lloyd assesses industry trends by examining the pipeline by company, therapeutic area, disease, target, and drug type.

    Topic Research

  • Citeline

    Industry celebrates at Informa Pharma Intelligence's 3rd Annual CARE Awards

    By Doro Shin 15 May 2018

    The CARE Awards ceremony was held on April 25th at the Boston Harbor Hotel to pay tribute to the people driving the advances in drug development and their commitments to advancing human health. The ceremony was once again hosted by multi-media journalist, Janet Wu, former Anchor and Health Reporter for Boston’s NBC station and adjunct professor at Emerson College

    Topic Clinical trials

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharmaprojects 2018 Pharma R&D Infographic

    By Ian Lloyd 11 Apr 2018

    Will the Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018 from Citeline’s Pharmaprojects be music to your ears, or will it sound a sour note? Find out with the Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018 infographic, now available to you as a free download.

    Topic Drug development landscape

  • Pharmaprojects

    Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018 Supplement

    By Ian Lloyd 10 Apr 2018

    You’ve already tuned into Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018, the free, music-themed whitepaper from Citeline’s Pharmaprojects. Now, get even more free market data and insights with your download of Pharma R&D Annual Review 2018 Supplement: New Active Substances Launched During 2017.

    Topic Drug development landscape

  • Pharmaprojects

    Microbiome Modulator Drugs – The New Generation of Therapeutic

    By Hannah ​Sally 29 Mar 2018

    Since the discovery of the microbiome, biomedical research has been highly focused on understanding how exactly its interactions within the body contribute to health and disease, and drug development companies are very interested in understanding the potential of microbiome modulating therapies.

    Topic Microbiome

  • Citeline, Trialtrove

    Rheumatoid Arthritis - Old and New Approaches Shifting the Treatment Paradigm

    By Laura Runkel 21 Feb 2018

    Explore the current and future outlook for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatments. Such treatments remain ineffective for the 33% of RA sufferers who are or become unresponsive to treatment, resulting in a high interest in RA drug development to address this unmet need in the marketplace.

  • Sitetrove

    Sitetrove Infographic Roundup - Issue 4 - November - 2017

    07 Jan 2018

    November is National Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Awareness Month. Sitetrove wants to raise awareness by going purple! This infographic offers an overview of the current global investigator landscape and how AD trial experience has shifted over the last 10 years

    Topic Alzheimers

  • Trialtrove

    Sepsis and the Receding Grail

    05 Jan 2018

    Sepsis is a life-threatening illness culminating in multi-organ dysfunction paired with a systemic inflammatory response. The disease burden is considerable: it is the single most expensive condition treated in hospitals, with annual costs in the US projected at nearly $24bn.

  • Trialtrove, Chinatrove

    Is China the Dark Horse in Clinical Development?

    By ​Heidi Chen 30 Nov 2017

    Over the last decade, it is undeniable that China has emerged as a rising star in pharmaceutical R&D

    Topic Clinical trials

  • Chinatrove, Sitetrove

    Bioequivalence Trials in China and the Increased Need for Reliable CROs

    By Christina DeRuzza 24 Nov 2017

    China’s 13th five-year plan 2016–20 will move the country into the center of the international stage of drug development, where they will be global innovators in the industry and more competitive than ever with foreign firms.

    Topic Clinical trials Drug review

  • Pharmaprojects

    Building something great: UK's Global Bioscience Cluster 2016

    10 Oct 2017

    The UK has some of the world’s most exciting science, a supportive business environment, and strong companies led by experienced management teams.

    Topic BioPharmaceutical

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