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TrialScope Disclose

The State of Global Clinical Trial Disclosure

31 Mar 2023


The coronavirus pandemic put clinical trials in the spotlight — or hot seat, depending on one’s perspective. Around the globe pressure came from multiple fronts: regulatory agencies, the public, patients, advocates, pharmaceutical industry watchdogs and investors all clamored for increased clinical transparency. The push for accountability has not abated for study sponsors to publish results in a timely manner. However, just as there are numerous regulatory agencies and guidelines (approximately 90 countries have requirements related to the disclosure of clinical trial data made publicly available on over 30 clinical trial registries), enforcement of clinical trial disclosure requirements varies greatly.


Opdivos EU Colorectal Cancer is a Setback but More Than Offset By Potential Gains

By Ian Schofield 29 Nov 2022

Opdivos EU Colorectal Cancer is a Setback but More Than Offset By Potential Gains

Bristol-Myers Squibb has withdrawn its EU application to extend Opdivo’s use to metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC), following a similar move for liver cancer last year. But the mCRC withdrawal is likely to have limited commercial impact and the company is more interested in pursuing the product’s use in combination treatment for this indication.

Topic Cancer

Trial Results Summaries

AstraZeneca takes an innovative approach to trial results summaries

25 Nov 2022


What Are Trial Results Summaries and Why Are They Necessary?

Topic Clinical Trials

Trial Results Summaries

Trial results transparency starts here

25 Nov 2022


Trial Results Summaries provides an unbiased and non-promotional portal for sponsors to share trial results summaries, also known as plain language summaries (PLS), with participants and the public.

Topic Clinical Trials

Citeline, Trialtrove

2020 Clinical Trials Roundup: Disruptions to the Trial Landscape

25 Nov 2022


Our annual analysis dissects the data of all Phase I–III clinical trials that started in a year dominated by COVID-19.

Topic Coronavirus

5 Top Tips For Generating Successful Content Marketing

18 Nov 2022

5 Top Tips for Generating Sucessful Content Marketing Infographic Cover

From choosing the right audience to measuring campaign results, follow these 5 tips when planning your successful content marketing campaign.  

Topic Advertising, Marketing & Sales

In Vivo

Bayer’s US Playbook: The Smart Way To Top-Line Growth

By William Looney 14 Nov 2022

Bayer’s US Playbook: The Smart Way To Top-Line Growth

The hotly contested US market is central to Bayer’s aspirations to become a global innovation player in pharmaceuticals, especially in key growth segments like oncology. A little more than one year in, Bayer Pharmaceuticals Americas President Dr. Carsten Brunn reflects on his unit’s progress.

Topic Business Strategies Company Analysis

Medtech Insight

Inside Toyota's 'Cult' Car-Makers Quality VP Tells Device-Makers How To Adopt 4-Pronged Quality Strategy

By Shawn M. Schmitt 14 Nov 2022

Inside Toyota's 'Cult' Car-Makers Quality VP Tells Device-Makers How To Adopt 4-Pronged Quality Strategy

Toyota Motor North America's Kristen Tabar told a roomful of medical device quality and regulatory professionals at a Case for Quality forum that they can infuse quality concepts into every nook and cranny of their firms by adopting the car-maker's quality strategy of reflection, education, celebration and planning. "I don’t want to make it sound like it’s sort of cult-y, but it’s kind of cult-y," Tabar quipped.

Topic Company Analysis Strategy

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